Sunday, July 11, 2010

22 months

here we are again. it's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker. 22 months.. only 2 more months until she's 2 & i really won't be able to call her my baby girl any more. this portrait business is total madness. getting mirka to sit in the rocker without her singing "see-saw" & rocking it so hard back & forth, that it literally moves across the room, is impossible. funny, but impossible.. and that's without her deciding to climb in and out of it a hundred times, or deciding that it was time to take her shoes off. so these are the best of the bunch, but at least they tell the story i guess. ok. so, what's new? our little gracie girl is still obsessed with hats, but not as much as the muppets.. she asks for elmo at least 50 times a day & to her, with the exception of grover or miss piggy, they are all called elmo. every time kermit is on the screen in the muppet movie, she cries out "elmo", which we always reply "kermit" & she chooses to ignore. i think we'll have to get her a little trampoline soon too because she loves jumping around on the sofa and flinging her legs out from under her so that she bounces on her bum & giggles. my sweet petite. my little papoose. cheeky.  

update: the lovely anna from one of my favourite blogs, rummey bears, has got herself a new rocker & is planning on starting a monthly portrait series of her own. i just love the peace sign her little one is flashing us. peace baby bear!


  1. cheeky! I love these images.... certainly shows she is very much a little girl now. I am in love with the last image! beautiful x

  2. Bonjour! I have just come across your blog via Rummy Bears and love the portrait sets of your daughter on her Eames rocker. Elles sont belles!

  3. oh wow, those cheeks!! so cute. she's still loving her beanie i see like any good aussie chick would in this weather. gorgeous pics! jx

  4. aw your little girl is seriously adorable and what a sweet dress! i love that you've been taking a picture every month, that's a great idea.

  5. Hello, KK! Gorgeous Eames rocker pics, as always. Nick and I have been away in NYC and Tokyo for a bit, so I'm just catching up on your recent posts. Anyhoo, saw this one and thought you and Mirka would loved to know that FAO Schwarz (there is the most massive store on 5th Avenue in NYC) has the most AMAZING make-your-own-Muppet workshop. Check it out:;jsessionid=h9T6ML6GD7D8q8PnhL7kJyl1h5GX93X6291mcR2j2yhYs53th0GY!1803922278
    Hope you guys are well! Saw Tam the other day. Her little bundle is growing, thankfully!
    xx JoMc


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