Sunday, July 18, 2010

250 - gumball gold

i guess for the big time daily bloggers, the 250th post may not be a big deal, but for this here little ol' blog, it's taken more than a year to get here. so what to share for the big event? well, i ask you.. what can you get for 20 cents these days? not much my friend. but save up your 20 cent pieces & there's pure gold waiting for you. i knew when i spotted the gumball machine outside my local dvd store & it was only 20 cents (20 cents!) that i would be hitting it & hitting it hard. i knew it was going to be a 2 person job & the husband would just laugh at me if i asked him, so i waited my time until kingsley was in town. so this afternoon, i stood at the top & fed in my jar of twenties, while kingsley crouched at the bottom & collected the gumball gold. what treasure!


  1. 250 seems like a big achievement to me (from someone who has posted merely half that much!). Congratulations caption. And I'd love a green gumball please :)

  2. I saw a dude and his mate eating ice creams the other day. He was eating a Bubble-O Bill, but was eating the bubblegum nose first!

    Crazy idiot.

  3. Congratulations wifey! I love, love, love your blog as you know ... and i desperately hope for a new post every day. So ... 250 exited "oh a new one" moments for me so far .. hopefully many more to come. CONGRATULATIONS! :) (how do you type a kiss?)

  4. I needed a good laugh and this just gave me one! I love the fact you found gumballs for 20c. Childhood memories are flooding back! I would have been happy with one, but I think you are awesome for taking a whole jars worth home to celebrate!


  5. hey captain, happy 250th - pure gold every one of them!

    if i had seen you in the gumball stake out, i probably would've suggested a heist. can never have too many! jxx


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