Tuesday, July 6, 2010

children's garden

mirka absolutely loved running around & exploring the children's garden at the royal botanical gardens on sunday. yes, that's my little scragamuffin running around with her clothes all askew, but she's sporting quite the stylish little knitted beanie no? i bought it from the yarraville markets, on every first weekend of each month. new.


  1. Wow...this children garden looks awesome. Wish if you could share its location.

  2. hi ann.. it's called the ian potter children's garden & it's located within the royal botanic gardens melbourne. it's in the observatory precinct of the gardens, birdwood avenue, south yarra (Melways Reference 2F K12)

  3. ah she looks gorgeous, v.cool beanie!

    love the detail in htat garden. We're working on a new play space in our botanic garden at the moment, and man, the detailing! never seems to end!!

    love the lunch idea too btw. jx

  4. Oh she is such a treasure! It's such a cliche I know but it really does seem like yesterday that my girls had those lovely little dimples on the backs of their hands. I miss that time...as much as I adore them now that they are 22 and 19.

    Glad you like The Girl Effect. x

  5. Adorable!
    Love the name 'Mirka' too. Where is it from?

    New here and so in love with your blog. Added you to my blog roll right away and am also your latest follower!

    x Charlotta


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