Friday, July 16, 2010

design made trade - bloggers breakfast

i went off to the bloggers breakfast with kingsley yesterday, which was hosted at design made trade as part of the state of design festival . the lovely lucy from the design files & crafty pip from meet me at mikes had a quick chat about bloggin while we all sipped our hot tea or coffee in our complimentary byo reusable coffee cups. i agree with tess, in that while blogs can connect people from anywhere in the world, it was awesome to catch up with local melbourne bloggers in real life.. that old over-rated thing! so, after the chat, we took ourselves off to check out the rest of the exhibition. there were lots of great products to check out, my favourites being the amazing restored mid century furniture given a new lease on life by retro modern & the colourful stools by darcy clarke. but, overall, it was a little weird that i didn't feel very comfortable taking photos because apparently the exhibitors weren't supposed to let us. i'm not sure what the point of inviting local bloggers was if the organisers didn't want us to take photos & blog about it?? on top of that i am disappointed with my photos. the light was just no good. but you know, i should say that the exhibitors really were super friendly & had lots of gorgeous wares to display, so i might take my grumpy pants off & do another post tonight or tomorrow.


  1. i agree, almost every exhibitor there had a website with images and/or promo materials, the whole no-photos thing seemed a bit over the top... rather like the security process to get in!

  2. sounds like a great event. i'd love to go to something like that and meet up with some bloggers. too cool.

  3. I know what you mean about the photo rule...kind of ruins it for the blogger in you (which is why you were there!). But the event itself sounds great!

  4. Hello Captain - The bloggers breakfast was so much fun & such a wonderful initiative. Really disappointed I didn't get to meet you!

    Pip & Lucy were wonderful weren't they? Left feeling so inspired!
    There's talk of making it a regular thing, which would be grand - maybe we'll cross paths again soon!

    Have been really enjoying your blog lately - Cheers for the inspiration ! : )



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