Wednesday, August 18, 2010

23 months

oh coco, i know just how you feel. trying to take photos of mirka for her monthly portrait on the eames rocker was near impossible. this one is a little late, but you know, things are a little busy around here wondering if baby boy is planning on arriving anytime soon. i'm 40 weeks pregnant today. today. and still no baby. anyways, this post is about my little mirka, so what's new? lots, lots more words. it's just a matter of whether or not we understand all of them. such a funny little person, our mirka grace. obsessed with her toes, pulling her shoes & socks off to yell out "my toes!" with such joy. likes to crumble up toast and put the crumbs between her toes. seriously, this will keep her engrossed for a good 10 minutes. still loves to pat her teddies to sleep on their tummy with a blanket covering them perfectly. and i mean perfectly. not happy jan if the blanket isn't on square & has to give it a shake & start again. thinks elmo & grover are rock-stars & absolutely loves dancing & making 'shapes'. best of all is her funny little laugh when her daddy chases her around & tickles her. when he stops, she says "more".. such an effective word that one. i know because i hear it a lot. at least there's more kisses & cuddles to spare for mummy these days. more.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

colour stash

a few colourful goodies (surprisingly colourful for me), that i've bought & stashed away for baby boy over the past few months. happy.

update: i bought the little cot quilt & bunny onesie from yarraville markets. the quilt is by totally innocent, but i couldn't find a tag for the onesie. the gorgeous apple romper is by alex & ant and one of the first things i bought when i found out we are expecting a little boy. the puppy top will be too big for him for a while, but i bought it anyway from meet me at mikes when we were there recently.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

waiting for baby boy

while i wouldn't say we're totally ready for baby boy to arrive, we're as ready as we'll ever be. here is his new organic seed cradle all made up with a dwell studio owls blanket & a sweet little blue & white stripey bunny rabbit, ready for when we welcome him home from hospital.. whenever that will be. waiting. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

it's a beautiful mess

as much as i love the haul from our late night blossom hunt, the mess of the fallen blossom is everywhere. still, it's a beautiful mess.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

blossom hunting

is blossom hunting really that naughty? it was an unloved tree. more of a left over tree stump that happened to sprout some new branches. i drove past a few times in the last week & it was too much to resist, so i packed up the family & a blossom hunting off we went. all under the cover of darkness, but it turns out mirka is not much good at stealth mode & loved yelling out "hello daddy! hello mummy!" when we opened the car doors ready for a quick load of blossom branches. if only we had some matching balaclavas, we could have been like the fantastic mr fox family.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hey wha' happened?

why such a big break between posts? well, i've been super busy finishing up work before baby boy arrives. i finished up in the office last tuesday, but i couldn't help myself & kept working from the studio at home until last friday. it's quite addictive working out in the studio. music on.. separate from the house, husband, gracie girl & all the normal distractions, it turns out i can be quite the workaholic. anyways, i've officially finished what i'm going to finish & have now moved on to some serious organising, cleaning & general nesting. time to get my head space into preparing for the happy arrival of baby boy.. could be any day now.. or could still be a couple of weeks. waiting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

almost an artist

my friend russell, aka leo, is quite the talented creative. the husband coined the phrase "almost an artist" about leo, after he was being too modest (artists!) & saying he couldn't call himself an artist. but the phrase has stuck & that's the name of his new website. we caught up with leo & some other lovely creatives for quite the afternoon feast yesterday at his beautiful home in elwood.. you know, one of those homes that are just warm & welcoming with the perfect balance of design & bohemia.. eames chairs, kitchen bench overflowing with fresh coffee & rice pudding tarts topped with slow baked quinces made from secret family recipes, open fire crackling, coffee table laden with amazing food, lamps casting a warm glow in just the right place oh-so-casually placed on the floor in a room corner, low mid century sofa & floor cushions seating good peops and of course artwork & books everywhere. especially artwork. all by my good friend russell. amazing. 

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