Sunday, August 15, 2010

colour stash

a few colourful goodies (surprisingly colourful for me), that i've bought & stashed away for baby boy over the past few months. happy.

update: i bought the little cot quilt & bunny onesie from yarraville markets. the quilt is by totally innocent, but i couldn't find a tag for the onesie. the gorgeous apple romper is by alex & ant and one of the first things i bought when i found out we are expecting a little boy. the puppy top will be too big for him for a while, but i bought it anyway from meet me at mikes when we were there recently.


  1. Lovely items! I like the fact that there is nothing blue. When I was pregnant, I didn't want to know whether I was expecting a boy or a girl but found it so hard here in France to find anything gender neutral. How far are you in your pregnancy? I sometimes experience bumpy nostalgia. Just loved being pregnant :)

  2. oh wow, this brought back memories. been a while since i haad a baby clothes stash - forgot how much fun it is to look over everything and grin.

    hope you're keeping well, can't wait to see the little guy! jxx

  3. thanks for the larve!! have returned the favour over at thanks for coming to the market and purchasing a quilt! hope your baby boy loves it. x


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