Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hey wha' happened?

why such a big break between posts? well, i've been super busy finishing up work before baby boy arrives. i finished up in the office last tuesday, but i couldn't help myself & kept working from the studio at home until last friday. it's quite addictive working out in the studio. music on.. separate from the house, husband, gracie girl & all the normal distractions, it turns out i can be quite the workaholic. anyways, i've officially finished what i'm going to finish & have now moved on to some serious organising, cleaning & general nesting. time to get my head space into preparing for the happy arrival of baby boy.. could be any day now.. or could still be a couple of weeks. waiting.


  1. phew - i'm so pleased to hear you have some time between work and baby this time :) enjoy the excitement of waiting and i look forward to getting an early cuddle in again with the newest addition to your lovely family. lulu xx

  2. glad you're getting a chance to slow down a bit now. one can only deal with so many details in model space before they turn to drink! keep wellx


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