Wednesday, September 29, 2010

charlie's 1 month portrait

perfect timing hey? mirka's monthly portraits finished up at 24 months, just in time for charlie's to start. our sweet little chumba-wumba is one month old already... and already more than 5kgs. yep, i wasn't just saying chumba-wumba for cuteness. he is out of newborn nappies & has busted out of his triple zero onesies. we are being flashed the occasional gummy smile & he has started making those little pre-talk noises like "ooo" when he is 'talking' to us. our little charlie harper is a real snuggler. we put him to sleep in his cradle, but once he wakes me at night around 2am, he gets to snuggle in with us because he seems to go back to sleep so much quicker. he also seems to sleep really soundly & for much longer if he is hot. really hot.. sleeps the best when he is swaddled, under 2 blankets & with the heater pumping. the husband & i wake up with the covers thrown off & totally parched, but if that's what gets the baby to sleep for hours, then we're not gonna fight it. sleep is king. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

show & tell

here they are.. my lovely smiling planet plates from the stash of goodies that arrived with vivi's suitcase recently. in theory, there is one each for mirka & charlie, but for right now, i'm loving eating my morning toast off them. maybe i'm just sleep deprived at the moment, but i think it makes ordinary, everyday toast into happy toast. i was reminded of this when i saw diane's recent post on ninainvorm's work & made a comment something along the lines of how could one not start their day off happy bla bla.. anyway, if you haven't checked out diane's blog, notes to a further excuse, get over there. i likes.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

go saints!

oh look, i wasn't going to, but the day is here & the grand final is about to start, so if i'm going to indulge in some footy shinanigans, then i might as well do it now. i'm watching from home, but the husband is there to cheer on the mighty saints. go saints!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

24 months

24 months. man, 24 months. time to start counting in years instead of months. our little gracie girl, my sweet petite, is 2 years old already.. and such a good big sister to her new little brother. coco & grover are still her all time favourites & she asks for "kermit and pig" (meaning the muppet movie) at least one hundred times a day. yes, really. she asks "kermit and pig? kermit and pig?" with her eyes opened wide and then answers her own question, nodding her head, with "yes, yes??" in the hope that we will agree. same goes for the park. "park? park? yes?" for mirka, doesn't get any better than going to the park or watching the muppet movie. that and reading her favourite wiggles book.. you can see how much she loves it in the first photo, where she is 'reading' it to grover. anyways, our little mirka grace is one hell of a cutie, even if she does love saying "nooo" and then giggling when i ask her if mummy can have a kiss. cheeky.

p.s. the gorgeous little flying man top is from the talented kingsley & the pants are from knuffle kid.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy anniversary

hey, it's my blog. so if i want to say happy anniversary husband then i will. yes, the photo is a scanned polaroid with fluff all over it, but it makes me smile. it was snapped at the prince on the day before our wedding, after a quick run through of our ceremony. we went out on friday night to celebrate & little charlie came along with us, sleeping peacefully in his capsule under our table, much to the delight of our fellow diners. happy anniversay my love. 6 years & 2 kiddyliwinks later. for keeps. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

happy father's day

happy father's day for yesterday. we had a relaxed day & went to cacao for brunch with the two kiddyliwinks. once upon a time, pre-kiddyliwinks, we lived across the street from cacao & would indulge in a leisurely breakfast of plain and almond croissants at least twice a week & even though we now live on the other side of town, it's still worth the 20 minute drive. anyway, we started a bit of a tradition where i  give the husband a print of mirka's (& now charlie's) foot for father's day and the husband gives me a print of little hands for mother's day. teeny. tiny.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

good morning

good morning. since we've been home from hospital, i've been lucky enough to still get breakfast in bed from the husband each morning. the unfortunate thing about being a real patient in the hospital, as opposed to someone who just had a baby, is that we couldn't be transfered to the hotel partner program & live it up at the grand hyatt, like we did when mirka was born. oh well, i guess the main thing is that i came home healthy with a healthy bubba, right? still, i was so looking forward to the king size bed, hotel sheets & 5 star room service. isn't that what private health insurance is for? the husband says he might just surprise me with a hotel getaway, you know, in 2020 when we have some spare time. anyways, back to my breakfast in bed.. notice anything on the tray? yes, that's my new timber toast board that arrived with vivi last week.. right there under the banana.. yes, i really did go ahead & order it. treasure.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the most beautiful boy in the world

little charlie harper. the most beautiful boy in the world. 4kgs (yes, almost 9 pounds) & 51.5 cms long, he arrived last monday the 23rd of august. i tell you, giving birth makes you feel like you can do anything. it's as amazing as everyone goes on about and i say that even after having to have emergency surgery 12 hours later for unexpected blood loss. we brought little charlie home on saturday morning to his big sister cheering "bay-bee, bay-bee!".. so far, so good, as far as mirka accepting little charlie as part of her world. the husband said it was one of the best moments of his life when his gracie girl met her little brother for the first time while he was only a day old.. you should have seen her eyes open wide in amazement & stretch out her hand to pat him ever so gently. apart from the 3 hourly feeding cycle & the disrupted sleep that comes with it, little charlie is a very easy baby. just the way i like 'em. we had all 4 of us in bed yesterday morning & the husband and i had to pinch ourselves that we were a happy little family of 4 now. love. 

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