Saturday, September 4, 2010

good morning

good morning. since we've been home from hospital, i've been lucky enough to still get breakfast in bed from the husband each morning. the unfortunate thing about being a real patient in the hospital, as opposed to someone who just had a baby, is that we couldn't be transfered to the hotel partner program & live it up at the grand hyatt, like we did when mirka was born. oh well, i guess the main thing is that i came home healthy with a healthy bubba, right? still, i was so looking forward to the king size bed, hotel sheets & 5 star room service. isn't that what private health insurance is for? the husband says he might just surprise me with a hotel getaway, you know, in 2020 when we have some spare time. anyways, back to my breakfast in bed.. notice anything on the tray? yes, that's my new timber toast board that arrived with vivi last week.. right there under the banana.. yes, i really did go ahead & order it. treasure.


  1. Hotel partner program? That does sound nice, but so does breakfast in bed and a healthy family. Happy to see it is all going well. Cute toast board. Jx

  2. Ha ha! That toast board is so great! Did you receive the Smiling Planet plates as well then? Breakfast in bed, how I wish I had the same treatment. Enjoy! :)

  3. that toast board is fantastic (sames goes for the mug) but nothing beats breakfast in bed! x


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