Monday, September 27, 2010

show & tell

here they are.. my lovely smiling planet plates from the stash of goodies that arrived with vivi's suitcase recently. in theory, there is one each for mirka & charlie, but for right now, i'm loving eating my morning toast off them. maybe i'm just sleep deprived at the moment, but i think it makes ordinary, everyday toast into happy toast. i was reminded of this when i saw diane's recent post on ninainvorm's work & made a comment something along the lines of how could one not start their day off happy bla bla.. anyway, if you haven't checked out diane's blog, notes to a further excuse, get over there. i likes.


  1. toast always tastes better on pretty little plates, these take the cake!

  2. oh love these plates. I hope there is one special one for you too. toast rocks! x

  3. Oh I love, love, love the folky plate. It would look gorgeous on a wall me thinks. I will have to check out her work.

  4. oh i'm glad they have finally arrived! aren't they just the cutest plates ever? I use L's Smiling Planet bowl daily. It's perfect.
    Have a lovely week mon capitaine!

  5. I just saw this post (yes, I am a bit slow...) - thank you, you're too kind!

    Those Smiling Planet plates are lovely by the way! Hope all is well x


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