Thursday, October 28, 2010

making plans

dwell studio owls blanket
kidostore doonas
i feel like our little charlie is growing before my eyes. he is 2 months old already, which means we've only got a few more months until he can sit up & it's time to move him out of his cradle. because we often have interstate, international & what sometimes feels like intergalactic guests, our spare room needs to remain as a guest bedroom.. for my sanity at least. meaning mirka & charlie will be sharing a room. for now at least. so, as much as i love the bright pink & orange colours in mirka's room as it is now, i'm planning on switching over to blues & greens when charlie graduates from his cradle & our bedroom. oh man, it will be so nice to sleep in pitch black darkness again & without the magic white noise cd playing on repeat all night. that cd is crazy-makin stuff, but it works a treat at keeping charlie asleep. so, the plan is to get some joinery made up in the kiddlywinks' room that will be their beds with lots of storage underneath. then it's a matter of what bedding to give the room some personality & that's ok for both genders.. not too baby either.. i don't mind splurging on some nice bedding, but i don't want to do it every 2 years. with all that in mind & using charlie's dwellstudio owls blanket as a starting point, i've ordered some gorgeous soft grey & blue doonas from kidostore that i'll pep up with some cushions (made by kingsley - hello kingsley, that's ok isn't it??) out of the happy fabrics i bought from central park.

update: in case you're wondering, the bedding prints are danish brand rosenberg & the owl cushion is donna wilson.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

write your name

on your bike. your name on your bike people! as seen here via the cool hunter. so clever with the 'i' in the top one marked with the white stripe. how much do i want one that says captain? or captn. a lot. with a cute little basket on the front too. would have saved me a lot of time as a kid, when i was forever locking up my bike in scorching 40 degree heat, to the bike racks out the front of the local olympic pool. i mean, who would steal a bike with someone elses name on it? bespoke is a word that is overused in the design world, but this, this, is bespoke.

Monday, October 25, 2010

colour antidote

time for a little black & white simplicity via therese sennerholt. on my good days, sometimes i surprise myself by being pretty damn fantastic, just like number one says, but then you know, the inevitable happens & i need to send out an s.o.s. along the lines of number two. or maybe i am actually just a little fucked up! (number 3). somewhere between the motivational & confessional methinks.

Friday, October 22, 2010


i had my final appointment with my obstetrician this week & it was a strange feeling leaving the hospital when i realised it would be for last time. or that's the plan anyway. i guess the having babies part of my life is behind me. who knows, maybe if we're crazy enough to think we can survive a third round of sleep deprivation, we might re-consider, but at this stage we're concentrating on our happy little family of four. total. plus i'm not sure my body is ever gonna be the same after number 2, let alone number 3. if you happen to be out & about and think you see me, but then think, oh no, the captain wouldn't be seen dead in a big ol' jumper and track pants, well think again. yes, it's depressing, but hey i have little, chumba-wumba charlie, happy & healthy at home. if i could be bothered getting off my bum, i could probably do something about it, but the thought of giving up lollies & chocolate, on top of the lack of sleep right now could bring me to tears. anyways, knowing that little charlie is our last baby, i'm trying to soak up as much newborn-ness i can. sentimental.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

musk sticks

the husband said my taste in lollies makes me old school. well, maybe i am.

Monday, October 18, 2010

colour love

i seem to be a bit addicted to colour at the moment. maybe it's the sleep deprivation. i saw these painted russian dolls by audree lapierre on bloesem & was instantly drawn to them. bright.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

windows are over rated

did you all see this gorgeous home on lucy's blog the other day?  as soon as i saw that huge pink painting of the oh-so-cool, but oh-so-obsolete, video tapes, titled last days by dane lovett, i wanted it. even the husband said he loved it. much like this other awesome painting, titled red stripe by virginia coventry, (spotted over at daily imprint), you would need some serious wall space to dedicate, but so worth it. makes me want to rip out some windows and make us some big ass wall space. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

sweet songbird

it's true. the magpies smashed the saints. another grand final lost. fine. i'm done with that. now when i think of magpies, i choose to think of these beautiful pieces by magpie & rye.  i absolutely love this balance necklace and although i'm not a gold wearer, the hexagon ring is a little something special, no? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

we're all dreaming of a summer holiday

so it's a little bonkers, but i have this fantasy about owning a winnebago. top of the line. in fact i had a ticket in a big charity raffle where first prize was your choice of $300K worth of vehicle. maserati/ aston martin/ winnebago. i was so excited about the prospect of winning me a winne that i told the husband all about my lucky ticket, only to be told over his dead body would we choose the winne over the maserati. he also went on to say that i would be going from the sublime to the ridiculous, considering at the time i was driving a smart car. anyways, that was a long sentence! no seriously, this is going somewhere. i've found the next best thing.. a cricket trailer! quirky, colourful & clever. it has a cute story behind the design, which you can read here, but who cares? i'm sold. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

while i'm on the subject..

while i'm thinking about xmas, how beautiful is this oak christmas tree from design for use? the porcelain tealight candles & little stars come with it & it simply pulls apart when xmas is over, ready to be stored away until the next year. i really, really, like this tree. simple. modern. timber. porcelain. clever.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thinking about xmas

it's early, crazy early, i know. but if you want to order a gorgeous hand stamped ceramic star by paper boat press to hang on your tree this year, then you need to order it by this friday. we have one for mirka & have ordered another for little charlie. anyways, just thought i'd let all y'all know.

update: paper boat press have extended the cut off date for ordering until midnight on wednesday, october 20th.

Friday, October 8, 2010

little pinwheel

photo by the lovely hayley from little pinwheel blog

what a nice surprise. i checked in at one of my favourite blogs, little pinwheel, to find this gorgeous photo of my gracie girl. it's from hayley's post about our recent meet up / blind date! it is so awesome making new friendships through blogging & amazing really.. but maybe not either, because when you think about it, we are all sharing part of our lives. i started this blog as a creative outlet after leaving work as an architect to have mirka & i never imagined the blog world would be one of such generosity, honesty, humour & friendship.. and i love that it seems to be dominated by women. it's funny where a blog takes you. i started off posting short & simple posts, more about design than my life, but now i don't seem able to stop myself babbling away. i never know what i'm going to write until it's done and there you have it. blog world rocks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

spring at last

it feels like spring time around here at last. i thought blossom season was over, but then i noticed the row of trees outside mirka's childcare covered in these beauties. at first glance they just look like bright green leaves, but then you realise they are the most gorgeous papery green blossoms. more & more, i'm loving green flowers. anyways, how do you like my little ceramic bottle? look familiar? i can't believe i bought it a year ago already. it's from pigeon toe ceramics, who make such beautiful things.

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