Thursday, October 28, 2010

making plans

dwell studio owls blanket
kidostore doonas
i feel like our little charlie is growing before my eyes. he is 2 months old already, which means we've only got a few more months until he can sit up & it's time to move him out of his cradle. because we often have interstate, international & what sometimes feels like intergalactic guests, our spare room needs to remain as a guest bedroom.. for my sanity at least. meaning mirka & charlie will be sharing a room. for now at least. so, as much as i love the bright pink & orange colours in mirka's room as it is now, i'm planning on switching over to blues & greens when charlie graduates from his cradle & our bedroom. oh man, it will be so nice to sleep in pitch black darkness again & without the magic white noise cd playing on repeat all night. that cd is crazy-makin stuff, but it works a treat at keeping charlie asleep. so, the plan is to get some joinery made up in the kiddlywinks' room that will be their beds with lots of storage underneath. then it's a matter of what bedding to give the room some personality & that's ok for both genders.. not too baby either.. i don't mind splurging on some nice bedding, but i don't want to do it every 2 years. with all that in mind & using charlie's dwellstudio owls blanket as a starting point, i've ordered some gorgeous soft grey & blue doonas from kidostore that i'll pep up with some cushions (made by kingsley - hello kingsley, that's ok isn't it??) out of the happy fabrics i bought from central park.

update: in case you're wondering, the bedding prints are danish brand rosenberg & the owl cushion is donna wilson.


  1. sounds like a plan capt! loving those fabrics xx

  2. I love that soft grey bedding - if only children's bedding came in big people sizes!

    I also have that lovely apples fabric in red. I haven't quite decided what to make with it, but it was too cute not to buy!

  3. I'm an owl loving girl!! That owl blanket is gorgeous.

    Those cds with the white noise on them are amazing things - they work so well!

    I actually don't mind the sound of them myself.... I always prefer some sort of background noise to help me sleep, which usually means the tv gets left on low, with the timer set to turn off in an hour or so.

    Your soft blue and grey theme sounds very serene and soothing. Perfect!

    Linda. :)

  4. what a perfect mix of tones and patterns...want to come and do my bedroom as well?!!!


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