Tuesday, October 12, 2010

thinking about xmas

it's early, crazy early, i know. but if you want to order a gorgeous hand stamped ceramic star by paper boat press to hang on your tree this year, then you need to order it by this friday. we have one for mirka & have ordered another for little charlie. anyways, just thought i'd let all y'all know.

update: paper boat press have extended the cut off date for ordering until midnight on wednesday, october 20th.


  1. Thanks for sharing this .... I think I will have to get these done for my kids too. Every year I get the kids a new ornament each and I think this would be the perfect addition. How exciting that Christmas is on it's way!!

  2. i can't wait for my order to arrive :) a huge thanks to you for telling us about these!!!
    lulu xx

  3. ah, thanks for the reminder, these are going to be such beautiful gifts!

  4. Thsse are just gorgeous. What a wonderful keepsake for your children - I might try and find some for my niece and nephews..


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