Wednesday, October 13, 2010

while i'm on the subject..

while i'm thinking about xmas, how beautiful is this oak christmas tree from design for use? the porcelain tealight candles & little stars come with it & it simply pulls apart when xmas is over, ready to be stored away until the next year. i really, really, like this tree. simple. modern. timber. porcelain. clever.


  1. I like this tree too. So simple, yet so lovely.x

  2. Love the tree. You always give me great heads up on websites- so thanks x

  3. love this...heading over to the website to put in an order. We usually go with a theme for Christmas when it comes to our decorations (I know...somewhat obsessive) this year is a natural earthy theme...this will be perfect!

  4. My bestie made one of these trees last year. She used off cuts from the building materials they were using in their renos - not as gorgeous as oak, but beautiful none the less.

    (I do believe she got the know-how from better homes and gardens!)


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