Saturday, October 16, 2010

windows are over rated

did you all see this gorgeous home on lucy's blog the other day?  as soon as i saw that huge pink painting of the oh-so-cool, but oh-so-obsolete, video tapes, titled last days by dane lovett, i wanted it. even the husband said he loved it. much like this other awesome painting, titled red stripe by virginia coventry, (spotted over at daily imprint), you would need some serious wall space to dedicate, but so worth it. makes me want to rip out some windows and make us some big ass wall space. 


  1. yes! love that dane lovett piece, especially as it's so BIG!

  2. obsolete? what what? it looks like the stack next to me tv (yes my tv is a metre deep too).. hm..

  3. wow, no i didnt see - going to see now as i love their taste in art! jx


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