Wednesday, October 27, 2010

write your name

on your bike. your name on your bike people! as seen here via the cool hunter. so clever with the 'i' in the top one marked with the white stripe. how much do i want one that says captain? or captn. a lot. with a cute little basket on the front too. would have saved me a lot of time as a kid, when i was forever locking up my bike in scorching 40 degree heat, to the bike racks out the front of the local olympic pool. i mean, who would steal a bike with someone elses name on it? bespoke is a word that is overused in the design world, but this, this, is bespoke.


  1. So very cool. I would like one too!

  2. oh cool. ha ha 5T be- spoke :)
    i'm glad you didn't have one back in the day though because i would have looked pretty silly ride your hand me down capt bike..


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