Saturday, November 27, 2010

lunch break

mirka & charlie had a visit from their cousin billy and didn't mirka love having little billy follow her around. here is a moment between the two of them sharing lunch on the back deck. so cute in their sunhats. like 2 old men gossiping on a park bench in an italian piazza. or like tradies demolishing a couple of pies on a constuction site. even grover got in on the act. smile.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

charlie teapot

man. more than 2 weeks since my last post. that went quick. the truth is, i think the realisation that after my apparently very rare, post-birth hematoma, that in another time or place, i would probably be dead (drama queen much?).. has shaken me a little. crept into my pschye or something. i'm lucky the seemingly small symptoms were recognised by an awesome midwife before i lost too much blood and i was lucky i had my own obstetrician that could take me into surgery straight away. i was lucky i was already in hospital and had a calm, kind anesthetist on staff that night. i was lucky i had a perfectly healthy baby sleeping in his daddy's arms while i was whisked away, but it has definitely played on my mind. not at the time. it's never at the time is it? anyways, i'm fine, but it is a weird feeling, feeling like i've used up another one of my nine lives or whatever. so, what does all this have to do with the photos? this beautiful marimekko teapot is what i like to call my 'charlie teapot'. when mirka was born, the husband gave me the beautiful eames rocker & i wanted to buy something special to celebrate charlie boy's birth. something beautiful, but everyday too. something that would become part of my daily life, like the eames rocker has. plus, it matches the mug the husband gave me for my last birthday.. so when i saw this beauty whilst out shopping with kingsley, i decided it was the perfect little something. special.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

yarraville treats

our little family loves moseying around yarraville. pah-lease, who doesn't, you ask? well, if we're not at the corner shop for a weekend breakfast, lurking amongst the treasures in the second hand junk shop, trying to keep up with mirka at her favourite park or indulging in some pear & dark chocolate (pear & dark chocolate!) dessert pizza at l'uccellino on a rare night out, then you'll find us at hausfrau bakery. gawd that place is good. i'm a little addicted to their minted chicken baguette for lunch at the moment, but let me tell you, if paying 4 bucks a pop for a mini treat is your kind of way to sink your cash, then this place is for you. and me. 


Hausfrau Bakery and Cakes on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

charlie's 2 month portrait

just look at that big round tummy. i love how the 'tie' accentuates it in the last photo. charlie chumba-wumba, we love you! we're getting more smiles, especially in the morning & slowly, slowly, longer sleeps through the night. anyway here is the 2 month portrait. on the eames rocker. not that you can really see it in these ones because he is too little, but trust me, charlie knows all about the rocker. you just can't see mirka's busy little hands on the side of the chair giving it a good rock while poor charlie was lucky to stay aboard & mummy tried to take some photos. chaos. we had a good laff at some of the out takes.. especially the ones where charlie had a big cheesy gummy smile & looked like a fat, balding, salesman in his short sleeves & business tie. so funny. 

p.s. you wanna see the cheesy photo don't you? i knew it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween

hope you all had a happy halloween. we did a mad dash to get some decorations up in time before the late afternoon trick or treaters started visiting. i have to say i love halloween. ever since i went to visit vivi in new orleans, out & about amongst all the halloween cheer, kids & adults alike. it is a magic night in the states & i really hope that it takes off more in australia. i don't know why aussies are so grumpy & against it. if you get into it, it is so much fun. you should have seen the joy on the little trick or treaters faces when they saw the front of our house & garden completely covered in huge cotton webbing. they had to walk through the giant web and past the little ghouls & ghosts staked amongst the plants to get to our door. when they knocked, the husband would pause & then open it really fast as he yelled "boo!" oh man, they squealed, jumped & absolutely loved it!! the other thing i love about halloween is that it is just a fun night to dress up, walk around your neighbourhood & be part of your community.. all out & about together. there's no big expense, shopping, presents, travel or stress, like there is for xmas. just cheap thrills, lollies & costumes.

p.s. how great is the skeleton bunny? i saw it on maikkestore blog

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