Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween

hope you all had a happy halloween. we did a mad dash to get some decorations up in time before the late afternoon trick or treaters started visiting. i have to say i love halloween. ever since i went to visit vivi in new orleans, out & about amongst all the halloween cheer, kids & adults alike. it is a magic night in the states & i really hope that it takes off more in australia. i don't know why aussies are so grumpy & against it. if you get into it, it is so much fun. you should have seen the joy on the little trick or treaters faces when they saw the front of our house & garden completely covered in huge cotton webbing. they had to walk through the giant web and past the little ghouls & ghosts staked amongst the plants to get to our door. when they knocked, the husband would pause & then open it really fast as he yelled "boo!" oh man, they squealed, jumped & absolutely loved it!! the other thing i love about halloween is that it is just a fun night to dress up, walk around your neighbourhood & be part of your community.. all out & about together. there's no big expense, shopping, presents, travel or stress, like there is for xmas. just cheap thrills, lollies & costumes.

p.s. how great is the skeleton bunny? i saw it on maikkestore blog


  1. That's a nice perspective on Halloween I had not considered before. You're does provide a nice community feel if everyone gets into the spirit of it. Glad you gave the kids in your neighbourhood such a thrill!
    X Briohny.

  2. Love your decorations!!I agree i think we should get a little bit more into it, after all it is just fun. I think my street my have a lot of oldies in it because there wasn't anyone out and about sadly.

  3. yes why doesn't australia embrace halloween more? perhaps the spring weather?

    and you're totally right about connecting more with your community. it's great that parents let their kids run around the neighbourhood and there's less fear about bad things happening to them, everyone always has a great time.

    enjoy the left over sweets :)

  4. Your decorations are great, as is your little dressed-up Charlie. Happy belated Halloween Captain!


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