Thursday, December 16, 2010

7 blogs

how hard can it be? i was supposed to write 7 things about me & 7 other blogs i like.. and ones not already listed on the blog before me. i forgot the 2nd bit in yesterday's post, but here i am making amends.. 7 super blogs that i love reading & smile when i see their new posts pop up in my google reader. 7 super blogs i'd like to pass on the versatility award to..

1. seventy tree. i bought some fun typewriter xmas cards from the lovely kerry & discovered her blog. i was even lucky enough to win one of her gorgeous prints recently. update: kerry's 7 things are here.

2. sarah wandering. "one part big city. one part small town. one part wandering." i found sarah's blog via  design sponge when they featured her amazing. amazing. hand painted rug. i'm also loving sarah's recommended xmas movie viewing in the lead up to xmas. 

3. smallest things. so frenchy, so chic. blogging about her life in paris. i love seeing a comment pop up in my email from the lovely blogger 'franglaise', because i think "a comment from my parisian friend!" is that weird? i hope that doesn't come across as weird.

4. little pinwheel. versatile is the word. mama, owner of the little pinwheel shop & co-owner of maeve online mag. is there anything this woman can't do? i was lucky enough to meet hayley a couple of months ago in person & above all, hayley has a beautiful & creative energy about her.

5. rummey bears. i love anna's superb photos. such perfect composition & colour. yep, when i think rummey bears, i think colour. 

6. little glowing lights. more gorgeous photography, food, flowers & styling. i'm not the only one who thinks so either.. catherine was featured on sfgirlbybay recently. update: you can read catherine's 7 things here.

7. olive & joy. lovely, clever julie with a killer eye. what can i say.. i like her style.

p.s. image from here.


  1. You're funny! It's a great list of blogs though.

  2. couldn't agree more with your choices - love those blogs, hope you guys have a great xmas!

  3. Thanks Captain! Colour is vital. Colour decisions in life are some of the most important. I'm so chuffed you think of colour when you think of me!

    I will pass this on in the new year. Have a happy Christmas xx

  4. Thank you so much! Will definitely pass it along and great to be in company of such great bloggers!

  5. Love discovering new blogs...thanks for sharing!!

  6. oh wow thank you so much Captain, to be included in your faves is so sweet! I will pass it along : )
    I hope you had a lovely weekend!

  7. Oooh, thanks for including me. I have enjoyed your seven things! I will join in and make a start on my seven things. Hope you're well x

  8. mais non, c'est pas weird! You know I don't miss any of your posts either, mon capitaine. I am so thrilled you've included me in your list. Merci beaucoup! I will pass it along in the new year. Till then, happy holidays (the first as a family of four!). xx

  9. Oh wow! Isn't Blogland so lovely! Hoping to one day make this list ;)
    In the meantime I'm heading off to make a cuppa and admire the beautiful blogs listed!
    x Stacey

  10. Is this your number 7 gas station sign number? Very nice!


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