Sunday, January 30, 2011

bend seating

loving these colourful geometric chairs.. 'lucy' (my favourite) & her good friend 'ethel' by bend seating, as first seen on apartment therapy here. tell me these beauties couldn't sexy up your outdoor space. sure could mine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

charlie's 5 month portrait

more photos. less words. 5 months now. more smiles. more hands in mouth. more feet holding. more rolling. (finally rolled all the way over on to his tummy yesterday). more being squished by his loving big sister. more smiles. more 'talking' and considering he is now a huge 8kgs.. more chumba. cutie.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy australia day

happy australia day. i really wanted to stick a little aussie cocktail flag in the top of my lamington this morning, but couldn't for the life of me find one. i know we have them somewhere, but to be honest i gave up looking after they weren't in the obvious place.. so who's up for a pink & white flagged republic? no? just me then. i can't tell you what else would make up the republic, but black & white marimekko dishes would be standard issue. (thank you for the bowl jacq, i love it!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my kind of awesome

i saw these paintings by simon browne in the latest post from maiike store & thought they were my kind of awesome. graphic, bold & gotta love a little wood grain. unfortunately i couldn't find a link to the artist, but i did find a link to a house tour on the lovely lucy's blog that featured a particularly awesome little simon browne painting. i remember when this house tour was posted because i received an email from kingsley asking me if i'd seen that someone had made the perfect house for her & who was this gemma jones living in it?! you know, in the nicest, non-crazy-person way. anyway, it made me smile at the time.

(the maiike team were nice enough to send me the first 2 photos of the paintings they have available in store & the last image is from lucy's house tour on the design files)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

the art vault

the art vault was another great find in mildura. it was the building facade & signage that first caught my eye and as i was the only fool out taking photos in the 43 degree heat, me and my photo taking ways are what caught the eye of the staff inside. no i wasn't a student (did i secretly like that they thought i looked young enough to be a student or what??), but yes i am an architect, bla bla.. and rather than roll their eyes, i was given a super friendly welcome and personal tour around the gallery and artist's studios upstairs. previously a bank, the old vaults were well and truly concreted in place, so they remained in situ after the substantial alterations & additions and are now the place artwork, not on display, is housed. i wish i had had more time to really look at the works, but i had to run and it was on the way out that i noticed the whopper of a water tower directly over the road and back a few blocks. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

fine & sunny

we went up to mildura for xmas & thanks to a gift voucher i received (thanks a&k!), i found myself in an awesome design shop called fine & sunny. only a year or so old, it's run by two sisters shell and annie, who have put together a fabulous selection of design goods, with a focus on local australian design.. and who very kindly let me take photos while i was testing out my skills with my new camera. (never had a fancy pants SLR with manual focus before, but gawd do i love it!) anyways, i had a good old chat with the lovely shell & we agreed we like a lot of similar things. it's my kind of shop. i love the industrial touch their shop furniture adds to everything too. how great is that bank of lockers behind the counter? apparently it's from one of the local high schools and every now & then they get a customer doing a double take when they see it! i really wish i did this post sooner because now i can't remember all the treasures they stock, but these are the ones i do remember.. mud ceramics, naomi murrell prints & jewellery, my mother mabel resin & plywood jewellery, frankie books, beautiful pillowcases from sunday morning designs, skinny laminx teatowels & salt water sandals

Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy new year kisses

i realise with all the devastation caused by the queensland floods at the moment, that singing out "happy new year" may seem a little tasteless, but i do want to wish everyone a good 2011, full of love & friendship, no matter how good or bad things seem at the moment. we received a beautiful card from our good friend russell, wishing us continued joy, happiness, peace, adventures & creativity.. i couldn't have said it better myself, so they are my new year wishes to you & to thank you for following my blog as another year rolls by. i sincerely get a lot of joy from this here little ol' blog & each and every one of your comments.  i took these photos when i was playing with my new camera, but then decided i'd take better ones in the morning light. however, by the time it was morning & i was getting out of the shower, my little gracie girl, very pleased with herself, brought me the first hershey kiss unwrapped & then disappeared and reappeared with the 2nd one unwrapped & presented to me on her outstretched little hand. so cute, but they were the last two kisses, so i guess i'm going with these photos!

p.s. if you can, please donate to the queensland premier's flood relief appeal here

Monday, January 10, 2011

charlie's 4 month portrait & a little christmas catch up

yes, i really am posting some christmas pics in mid january, but you know, i would feel amiss not doing a little catch up. first up is charlie's 4 month portrait. we went away for xmas & i snapped these photos literally as i was supposed to be walking out the door, with the cranky husband & mirka waiting in the car, but i knew i had to capture charlie at 4 months, even if it was super rushed. not that charlie minded. he is one smiley boy. in the last month he has really discovered his hands and always seems to have them in his mouth. mirka tells him "no charlie, not eat them" and then wrenches them out of his mouth, but he simply smiles & stares at her. our happy little harper. charlie's xmas star arrived from paper boat press & i loved finding a spot for it on the tree next to his big sister's. the bright red xmas stocking behind charlie is vintage darling.. it was his daddy's before him. it's really cute & looks like a paper cut screenprint to me, but i'm no expert. how do you like my gingerbread reindeer? i bought the cookie cutter from capital kitchen, but getting the cookie out of the cutter with those fiddly antlers was no easy task. tricky.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

laissez les bons temps rouler!

that's let the good times roll.. at least according to the back of mirka's new orleans t-shirt. just letting you know that i'm thinking about it. blogging. actually getting back into it. maybe, hopefully tomorrow. you know, just in case you cared & wondered where i had disappeared to. so many good things to share, so little blogging mojo. but so many good things to share!

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