Sunday, January 23, 2011

the art vault

the art vault was another great find in mildura. it was the building facade & signage that first caught my eye and as i was the only fool out taking photos in the 43 degree heat, me and my photo taking ways are what caught the eye of the staff inside. no i wasn't a student (did i secretly like that they thought i looked young enough to be a student or what??), but yes i am an architect, bla bla.. and rather than roll their eyes, i was given a super friendly welcome and personal tour around the gallery and artist's studios upstairs. previously a bank, the old vaults were well and truly concreted in place, so they remained in situ after the substantial alterations & additions and are now the place artwork, not on display, is housed. i wish i had had more time to really look at the works, but i had to run and it was on the way out that i noticed the whopper of a water tower directly over the road and back a few blocks. 


  1. you'll always be a hot uni student in my eyes darling :)

  2. That top picture is completely RAD! *s*

  3. Great shots, and your descriptions made me laugh wryly, because I can empathise with being the crazy obsessed one, trotting about with the camera and the "oh look at the details!" comments to anyone who will care to listen! My children always tease me about a train trip, years ago, when I kept making them stick their heads out of the old steam train window to "look at the rivets on the bridge!". I thought they were so beautiful, that all the world should enjoy them too.
    Greetings from a fellow building junkie in Melbourne ~ I am a designer too. Come visit me at my blog to say hi sometime!


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