Monday, January 10, 2011

charlie's 4 month portrait & a little christmas catch up

yes, i really am posting some christmas pics in mid january, but you know, i would feel amiss not doing a little catch up. first up is charlie's 4 month portrait. we went away for xmas & i snapped these photos literally as i was supposed to be walking out the door, with the cranky husband & mirka waiting in the car, but i knew i had to capture charlie at 4 months, even if it was super rushed. not that charlie minded. he is one smiley boy. in the last month he has really discovered his hands and always seems to have them in his mouth. mirka tells him "no charlie, not eat them" and then wrenches them out of his mouth, but he simply smiles & stares at her. our happy little harper. charlie's xmas star arrived from paper boat press & i loved finding a spot for it on the tree next to his big sister's. the bright red xmas stocking behind charlie is vintage darling.. it was his daddy's before him. it's really cute & looks like a paper cut screenprint to me, but i'm no expert. how do you like my gingerbread reindeer? i bought the cookie cutter from capital kitchen, but getting the cookie out of the cutter with those fiddly antlers was no easy task. tricky.


  1. Love the christmas star and was about to ask you where you got it from but will check out paper boat press very soon! This is something I'd like to have for our tree next year for the little bub on the way. Hope you had a gorgeous Christmas! x

  2. Happy new year Kate! I also have that reindeer cutter and I couldn't agree with you more: getting the biccies out in one piece is tricky! Charlie looks super. I think the time skips by even faster second time around. Little Maxie is 6mths now and trying to crawl! Best new year wishes to the husband, Mirka and Charlie too xo

  3. Fiddly antlers indeed! What delightful and delicious looking cookies :)


  4. Those cookies are almost as cute as Charlie. Almost. Love that cheeky grin.


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