Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy new year kisses

i realise with all the devastation caused by the queensland floods at the moment, that singing out "happy new year" may seem a little tasteless, but i do want to wish everyone a good 2011, full of love & friendship, no matter how good or bad things seem at the moment. we received a beautiful card from our good friend russell, wishing us continued joy, happiness, peace, adventures & creativity.. i couldn't have said it better myself, so they are my new year wishes to you & to thank you for following my blog as another year rolls by. i sincerely get a lot of joy from this here little ol' blog & each and every one of your comments.  i took these photos when i was playing with my new camera, but then decided i'd take better ones in the morning light. however, by the time it was morning & i was getting out of the shower, my little gracie girl, very pleased with herself, brought me the first hershey kiss unwrapped & then disappeared and reappeared with the 2nd one unwrapped & presented to me on her outstretched little hand. so cute, but they were the last two kisses, so i guess i'm going with these photos!

p.s. if you can, please donate to the queensland premier's flood relief appeal here


  1. that is a great new year wish. hope you have each of those things in abundance xx

  2. Cute little kisses. I think shouting a Happy Nnew Year is a nice thing especially in light of the tragic Queensland floods. Being happy, healthy and loving/being loved is all the more poignant in the time of adversity.

  3. Happy new year to you to Captain! I love your lil ol' blog and your wishes couldn't be more appropriate at this devastating time x


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