Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my kind of awesome

i saw these paintings by simon browne in the latest post from maiike store & thought they were my kind of awesome. graphic, bold & gotta love a little wood grain. unfortunately i couldn't find a link to the artist, but i did find a link to a house tour on the lovely lucy's blog that featured a particularly awesome little simon browne painting. i remember when this house tour was posted because i received an email from kingsley asking me if i'd seen that someone had made the perfect house for her & who was this gemma jones living in it?! you know, in the nicest, non-crazy-person way. anyway, it made me smile at the time.

(the maiike team were nice enough to send me the first 2 photos of the paintings they have available in store & the last image is from lucy's house tour on the design files)

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