Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new quilt

now that we've moved charlie from his cradle in to the bigger stokke cot, he needed a new quilt to keep the chill off.  this one by seedling is surprisingly big. (i bought mine from ikke). big enough for a toddler's bed or even a single bed if it was just sitting on top of a light doona. anyways, it's a gorgeous soft blue & i love the stitching detail. sorry, i know that should have a real name, but sadly i'm not a quilter, so let's just go with fancy stitching ok?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


the saints lost. again. by one point. again. what's wrong with them?? the house is in it's natural disaster state & i'm overtired. let's just say my cranky pants were on until this gorgeous print smacked me out of it. it's from the lovely & talented kerry from seventy tree in the u.k. smile.

Friday, March 25, 2011

book face

want more captain kk? follow me on facebook for some little extras. the mini posts i like to do when i don't have it in me to punch out a real blog post. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

charlie's 7 month portrait - b side.

got an iphone? download yourself this awesome app called instagram. it's a bit slow between photos, but there are some awesome filters to play with. i used the 'earlybird' filter for these ones. gives them a nice soft retro feel methinks. circa my own baby photos.

charlie's 7 month portrait

portrait time again on the eames rocker. this last month has been a big one. so, our little charlie loves banana, bath time, flirting with strangers & getting to sleep next to mummy in the middle of the night (still!)..  likes apple, mango, strawberry, nectarine, sweet potato, yoghurt, sitting up in his high chair, walks in his bugaboo, trying to crawl, having raspberries blown on his neck & being swaddled to go to sleep (still!)..  is not a fan of rice cereal, pumpkin, potato, pear or having his face wiped..  desperately wants whatever we're eating in front of him. at the moment it's hot cross buns, or "hot buns" as mirka calls them.  and lastly, he tolerates sleeping & mirka sitting on him. "look mummy, i ride him like a horsey! he loves it!" poor charlie.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


my good friend lulu invited us along to artplay at fed square last friday & it was a.maze.zing. amazing. check out the program here. thanks lulu!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


if you have an iphone, you should download this free app called handwriting. it rocks. just sayin. you too can doodle sketches while waiting. hey i've already redesigned our back yard courtesy of having somewhere to scribble & look at this sweet note the husband left for me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

marimekko winner!

congratulations kate, you are the lucky winner! first up, sorry i took so long punching this post out. i had big-moment-paralysis. yes, it's a real condition. i started handwriting out all the numbers on little bits of paper for mirka to pick out a winner, but then the husband made a tricky computer spreadsheet thingy that did it for me. i wanted to share all the info from the survey with little pie chart graphics, but like i said, paralysis! so anyways, the lovely kate from love you big has won it. what can i say.. seems like the universe (husband's spreadsheet) liked her "please-let-me-win" chant. uncanny.

big thank you again to sedonia & to all of you for entering & taking time to fill out my survey. i had so much fun reading all of your funny & generous comments. you guys rock!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thailand dreaming

so i'm not sure this is really blog worthy, but it gives you an insight in to the nonsense that goes on around here, especially over breakfast. mirka requested that i draw a bus on the table & before long there was a whole story based around us catching a bus along a bumpy road in thailand. of course we had to sit up on the roof because no seats were left inside. soon enough, my tale had us all riding an elephant through the jungle together. if you look carefully, you can see all four of us, the husband, me, mirka & baby charlie. i'm no artist, but the chalkboard table is good for tall stories & squiggles. can you tell i'm desperate for a holiday? dreaming. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011


so, when i said sedonia was a one-stop-treasure-shop in my last post, i wasn't joking. i took a bazillion photos like i tend to, thinking i'll just chose my top 3 or 4, but when it came time to cull the photos, i didn't feel like i could share just how prolific the amount of treasure there is there without using said bazillion photos. it's one of those stores where you could lose half an hour in, walk out, walk right back in again & see things you had totally missed the first time. anyways, it's run by 2 good friends, inge & nicola who opened the store only 2 & a half years ago. it's hard to imagine the area without sedonia. i was going to attempt to list many of the things they stock, but with so many, i think it's probably best if you just make a visit yourself or follow their blog. local.

p.s. don't forget to enter my marimekko giveaway by completing the super short survey here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

marimekko giveaway

today marks my 2 year anniversary of starting this here little ol' blog. hooray! i wanted to mark the occasion with my first ever giveaway, so i approached the lovely nicola & inge of sedonia about a marimekko giveaway. i tell you, sedonia is a one stop treasure stop. it's also the place where i buy my beautiful black & white marimekko goodies from, so you know, it seemed perfect.

so, how'd you like to win this stunning plate? it's pretty awesome, no? it's exactly the same as my favourite plate, as featured in my last post with the macarons on it. no, that wasn't the plate. please. as if i'd give up my plate. even mirka knows not to touch her mama's marimekko! anyways, all you have to do is leave a comment (remember to include your email if you don't have a blogger i.d.) & fill out the super short survey i've made. basically, i would love to know what you do & don't like, or would like to see more or less of. after 2 years of blogging, i'm wondering where to take it & would love to know your thoughts. i can't tell you how much i love reading all of your comments, so please come out & say hello.

to enter, click here or on the bubble (top right) to complete my 4 question survey. closes in a week at midnight, march 10, melbourne time. good luck lovely people!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a macaron kind of day

we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with ourselves on sunday, so we took a drive over to stkilda. i wanted to see how one of my projects was progressing in brighton since i left. we nicknamed it the darth vader house because it's another modern monster with a large black box cantilevered out over the front. anyways, after doing our drive by, we stopped in at cacao in stkilda for lunch & brought some tasty, tasty, little macarons home with us. notice anything special in the background? yes'm that's my very own orla kiely cookie jar all the way from london. thanks hamo! that's my beci orpin birthday print all framed up in the background too. guess i'm one lucky captain. smile.

just in case you can't get to cacao in person, you can order your own macarons here. trust me, just do it.

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