Tuesday, March 15, 2011

marimekko winner!

congratulations kate, you are the lucky winner! first up, sorry i took so long punching this post out. i had big-moment-paralysis. yes, it's a real condition. i started handwriting out all the numbers on little bits of paper for mirka to pick out a winner, but then the husband made a tricky computer spreadsheet thingy that did it for me. i wanted to share all the info from the survey with little pie chart graphics, but like i said, paralysis! so anyways, the lovely kate from love you big has won it. what can i say.. seems like the universe (husband's spreadsheet) liked her "please-let-me-win" chant. uncanny.

big thank you again to sedonia & to all of you for entering & taking time to fill out my survey. i had so much fun reading all of your funny & generous comments. you guys rock!


  1. Good on Kate. I'm going to chant in all of the giveaways I enter from now on! x

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!! Who knew that chant had such power? Captain, I am SUPER EXCITED - I had been (hopefully in not-too-creepy kind of way) been thinking about the plate over the weekend. I am incredibly grateful - thank you so much!

  3. haha- that's so great about the chant.. congrats to kate


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