Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new quilt

now that we've moved charlie from his cradle in to the bigger stokke cot, he needed a new quilt to keep the chill off.  this one by seedling is surprisingly big. (i bought mine from ikke). big enough for a toddler's bed or even a single bed if it was just sitting on top of a light doona. anyways, it's a gorgeous soft blue & i love the stitching detail. sorry, i know that should have a real name, but sadly i'm not a quilter, so let's just go with fancy stitching ok?


  1. The "fancy stitching" is quite wonderful. It looks like that perfect weight when you just want something a little extra. Perfect for our hot tonight/ cold tonight weather at the moment!

    And I am a bit over doonas at the moment ~ I want to go back to blankets and beautifully detailed bedcovers like this one. Just me, or is there a trend out there????

  2. It is beautiful. What a great find! Though I still absolutely adore Charlie's organic cradle and dwell studio owl blanket. Shame they grow so quickly out of things! xx

  3. nice fancy stitching, it looks beautiful, i'm debating if i should make miss b a bigger quilt, might have to go through my fabric stash.

  4. I don't know what I love more, the quilt or the packaging!


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