Saturday, March 26, 2011


the saints lost. again. by one point. again. what's wrong with them?? the house is in it's natural disaster state & i'm overtired. let's just say my cranky pants were on until this gorgeous print smacked me out of it. it's from the lovely & talented kerry from seventy tree in the u.k. smile.


  1. Yipee .. that meant Geelong won (sorry) (-:

  2. my cranky pants are on and seem to have shrunk in the wash. i have cranky pants with a wedgey.

    bloody home open again this weekend. so want my life of long coffees and blog visits to come back : )

    have a good weekend and dont forget to smile!

  3. I want to 'like' jules' comment .. the wedjey part, not the open house bit.

    Nice print captain.

  4. Such a cute print - how good is Seventy Tree!

  5. Jules cracks me up with her descriptions. Anybody who has ever sold a house just KNOWS what she means.

    And as for those a loyal supporter even I have to go hmmm. So close, so close. So many times...

    Glad you ditched the cranky pants ~ life is always so much easier with a big smile.


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