Sunday, May 15, 2011

gotta get myself a pear tree

these photos were taken back in february when we went to see the recent mirka mora exhibition at heide.  the painted windows look amazing in person and especially in the sunshine. so much colour, generosity & life. if you love the fabulous mirka mora, then you can watch the video of her painting the sunroom windows of heide I here. i naughtily snapped a photo of the small square window in the shower in the original house of john & sunday reed, now known as heide I. imagine how many great australian artists have showered there and looked out of that window. i decided then and there, that if a window looking out on a pear tree was good enough for them, then it's good enough for me. now i just have to get around to buying a monster concrete pot and planting a pear tree outside my bathroom window. 

p.s. the last photo is of the forecourt to heide III. by o'connor & houle architects, i love the black zinc cladding & how heide III seems to be what brings the various spaces & garden together. heide I is the sort of welcoming 'farmhouse' that everyone wants as their country house, heide II is the sort of house that any self-respecting, modernist-loving architect, is totally and utterly in love with & heide III is a modern gallery space that makes you focus on the artworks at the same time as being knocked out by the framed views of the surrounding gardens as you move through the gallery & stop at various relief spaces. it's got that internal/external balance thing down. hmm, that was a long postscript.


  1. top op the pops captain. great post.

  2. Great post, I have just been reading about Heide in the book, Kitchen Gardens of Australia. All three properties sound beautiful!

  3. Yes - haven't been to Heide in a while and you've convinced me it's time to visit again!

  4. Oh I didn't get a chance to pop down to Melbs for the Mirka exhibition at Heidi :( But a colleague had a copy of the catalogue and I did get a little sad at not seeing that beautiful mural on the windows.

    Did you see the Mirka puzzle giveaway on Design Files?

  5. love this post capt.. love love heide.. also love the cheeky husband and little mirka peeking out the windows!


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