Wednesday, May 4, 2011

introducing jacques

introducing jacques.. to say that our little mirka is obsessed with cinderella at the moment, would be understating it. she disappears & then reappears in her "pretty dress". mirka likes to dance around with coco "the prince" while singing "so this is love, la-la-la-la." pretty cute. if you know the movie, then you know that cinderella's besties are mice, so the latest is mirka playing with jacques the mouse. when i looked over and saw him propped up next to the fallen pink camellia that mirka picked this morning, i thought it made a pretty picture. 


  1. isn't it amazing how feminine little girls are, no matter what influence they have around them?

    this is as cute a story as is the picture.

    the camelias seem very early this year, although I suspect I may think every year...

  2. la-la-la-lovely. smile


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