Friday, May 20, 2011

senkki furniture

some kind of awesome magical, 'musical' doors huh? not literally musical, but you know, interchangeable. retromodern, who i first discovered at design made trade here, have just launched senkki furniture as a new alternative to having to source original mid century furniture & giving that a new lease on life. i love how they've taken obvious inspiration from the retro furniture they know and love, but still managed to design these new pieces with their own signature modern style. 

"Senkki was born from the desire to design furniture that would offer an alternative to the Mid Century Danish classics. It has become very difficult and expensive to find these collectible pieces and for those who are keen to have something 'new' with a contemporary twist then this is where we fit in." (quote from here)

i think the reversible 2-way sliding doors on their s180 cabinet are genius. a simple switch around & you have an entirely new look. if i'm right, you effectively get to choose 8 different colours/finishes to cover the reversible 4 doors. in that case, i'd like one customised with 2 oak, 2 white, maybe 1 black and wait for it.. 1 pale baby blue, 1 turquoise & one a deeper washed out grey/blue.. something like thisthis or this & this.. similar to the door colours in this post by the talented architect peeps over at chezerbey blog. yes, i too love the great use of colour on the sets of 'madmen', but let it be known i've always loved a little shot of aqua/turquoise. tell me, is aqua just the daggy name for the trendier turquoise? am i showing my age by even knowing the word 'aqua'?? is aqua a dirty word? not in my book. maybe i can bring it back!


  1. Ooooh. I like their thinking.
    And ooooh I like their product(s).
    Must go check out the rest of their stuff.

    Have a great weekend (-:

  2. Aqua is not at all a dirty word. LOVE the desk on their site. Just LOVE it. Swooon.

  3. I love these pieces! What a great find, would match very well with my retro pieces of a similar style.

  4. Hi Captain kk....thanks for the story. I have just noticed that on of your links "S180 cabinet" doesn't go anywhere. Here is the correct link for to change over

    Thanks Senkki


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