Sunday, May 8, 2011

vivi's new robe

happy mother's day to my mum.. the one & only vivi. i had a winter robe made up for vivi last year the same as mine, (remember this?), but instead of white writing on charcoal, vivi's was light blue writing on white. anyways, i'm forever receiving text messages about how much she loves it, so with summer fast approaching in new orleans, kingsley & i thought another customised robe was the way to go for mother's day. i ordered this gorgeous, luxuriously long, dusty blue one in super soft, light-weight cotton from gth & had it embroidered at my local, don't-ask-for-anything-too-difficult-or-else-brace-yourself-for-the-stare-of-death, embroiderer. i have the same robe in navy and i have worn and worn it & it still feels soft.  i think vivi's turned out pretty swish, even if, just like the previous ones, it's embroidered with gawd awful script as the husband calls it. i tell you, everyone should have a robe with their nickname on it. it's the little things, you know? love you mum. 

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