Tuesday, June 28, 2011

charlie's 10 month portrait

charlie the conqueror, charlie the destroyer, charlie is on the move! it's portrait time again & in the last month, charlie has gone from pulling and sliding himself around the house to full-on, fast paced crawling. i'm always a bit shocked when he is at my feet again within seconds & so cute when he comes to find me in another room & squeals when he sees me. charlie is so determined. what charlie wants, charlie hunts down & gets. mirka is determined too, but in more of a stubborn, bossy way. where mirka will boss us around to get something for her, charlie will just get it himself. the other big news is that we've finally broken through to 12 hour sleeps at night. yyyyyyyes! well, it's huge news for me. so nice to know that when i put him in his cot at 7pm, he most likely won't wake up (or wake me up) until 7am. we even had a couple of 13 hour sleeps thankyou very much. but, just like that, ba-ba-baam, he got a runny nose last week and woke again in the middle of the night.. argh! no doubt i could bore you for hours about sleeping nuances, but knowing there's light on the horizon is a good thing. our happy little harper has had a few practice days in child care & so far, so good. he is lucky to have his big sister, whom he adores, in the adjoining room. apparently mirka has been playing peek-a-boo with charlie through the doors that join the baby & toddler rooms. so cute!

Friday, June 24, 2011

mmm: music & movement for munchkins

the lovely tammie, a good friend, asked me to design a poster for her new business music & movement for munchkins. "sure" is what i said. "holy shit! why did i say yes? i'm no graphic designer. what the hell am i gonna come up with??" is what i actually thought. oh the negative self talk that goes around in my head sometimes. but push on i did and i tell you who i have to thank for that.. beci orpin. yep, i went along to the cwc talk with beci orpin a couple of weeks ago & here is what i took home from that: it's good to be busy. say yes. you'll do your best work when you're busy. living & working in chaos is good if it makes for a creative, productive life. so, instead of making sure the studio desk was tidied up and perfectly ready for a new project, i just whipped out my faithful pantone markers, some paper, magic tape and scissors and made all kinds of mess on my dining table. having an indestructible ex-airforce trestle table as a dining table has turned out more useful than i ever imagined. the husband & kiddyliwinks had to eat at one end of the table for a couple of days because the other half was covered in crap. but, if a messy, creative, no-separation-between-work-and-home life is good enough for one of melbourne's top creatives, then it's good enough for me. lucky for me, the good old, handmade poster style is kind of in at the moment. lucky, because there is no adobe illustrator here. here, no adobe illustrator. instead, this was my process: print words, cut words, arrange words, magic tape words. try out a few different paper-cut & typewriter style fonts. try out a few different colours. repeat. photocopy. accept where you can see the not-so-magic, magic tape, as part of the charm.. and to finish: add drops of pantone marker ink. and as it turns out, i'm quite surprised how much i like the finished poster.. but like it, i do. even better was the fact that the lovely tammie liked it. if you have a little person, live around footscray/yarraville & are free on wednesday mornings, then please sign up for a music & movement for munchkins class. i know tammie & i know how fantastic it will be. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

blue & red-orange

looking over the photos, blue also seemed to feature in our mini healesville holiday. especially that gorgeous blue the sky turns in the 20 minutes before it's officially dark when everything seems to glow. greenery seems that much more intense &  i never tire of the view outside at dusk. anyways, what blue? well, there's always ever-present grover. even when i think he's not with us, bam! there he is in the photos. you can't quite see in the top photo, but mirka is wearing a sweet blue country road dress & leggings with graphic print and charlie was doing his best to look like grover in a blue bonds onesie. i thought i'd sneak another photo in of my fabulous orange nails & that's my blue marc jacobs handbag that gets dragged everywhere. just like mirka goes nowhere without grover, i go nowhere without my blue m.j. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

healesville holiday

i knew we were going away for a few days for my birthday last week, but i didn't know where. the husband booked a styled-up shack amongst the bush & it was so good to get away. mirka loved it. she's her mummy's daughter, that one. she amused herself for at least an hour when we first arrived, checking out all the rooms, cupboards, furniture & taking in every little detail. the husband* also surprised me with a ridiculously indulgent few hours at a local day spa. massage, facial, pedicure & manicure. yes, all of those. and when i say massage, i mean a two person, hot stone massage. the combination of the oil & hot stones being massaged in to my sore muscles was amazing. normally, whenever i get my nails done, i just go for a soft, you-may-say-boring-but-i-like-it-so-shut-up, pink. this time around, i decided to get a bright, red-orange & i'm loving it. i think i'm addicted. orange seems to have been the colour of our mini holiday.. little pops of red & orange seemed to be everywhere. brights.

update: *husband organised my joint present from himself & the wonderful kingsley, vivi & pam. thank you ladies!

Friday, June 17, 2011

flowers & babies

as much as i'd like to think of my blog as a design blog, it seems to be all about flowers & babies lately. don't get me wrong. there are worse things in life than lovin' me some flowers & babies, but you know, posts on life outside planet-flowers-and-babies is a little thin. anyways, here's to a little more.. look at the stunning bouquet my bestie, jacq, sent me for my birthday. i'm one lucky biatch. the heady scent of the hyacinths & lilies is something else. heavenly.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


we've been having a clean out around here. deciding what is special enough to keep & what to give away or sell. we've put charlie's cradle on ebay, but two things i am absolutely keeping are mirka's first teeny-tiny, quadruple zero, pink onesie & a tshirt i had made up for her first birthday. before i packed them up, i wrote a couple of little notes to tuck away inside them. i imagine giving her a box of her own baby clothing one day, far into the future & look forward to her finding these love notes  from her mama. keepsakes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

garden posy

i was feeling a little sad because the house felt a little empty after my mama's day flowers piffed it, so i decided it was time to plunder my own garden. how do you like my non-flower flowers? well, strictly speaking there are magnolia flowers in there, but they never open once they're picked & they were mostly picked for the gorgeous bronzy underside of the foliage. i did hack off a couple of succulent branches, but i figure once i'm done with this garden posy, i can always replant them. succulents are good like that. fresh.

update: mirka mora vase from heide moma design store.

Friday, June 3, 2011

charlie's 9 month portrait

charlie, charlie, charlie. in to everything at the moment. in the last month he has really started moving. mainly it's a slap and pull sort of motion where he slaps both hands down in front of him and then pulls  himself along on his tummy, but more and more he is starting to crawl properly up on his knees. sort of. the other big news is that charlie now has 2 little toothypegs poking through. bottom front. so cute! he is such a flirt too. you just have to look at him for him to flash you a big smile. his favourite food seems to have changed from blitzed fruit to blitzed vegies, but he pretty much eats anything. amazingly. he still wakes up once a night, some time around 3am, but don't ask me why. he doesn't get a bottle between his bedtime around 7pm and breakfast at 6am, so he's not hungry. he goes back to sleep instantly once i go in to him, wrap his arms back in & give him back his dummy, so it's not like he is really awake. seems he just gets his kicks from making mummy get out of bed in the freezing cold! come on already. getting out of bed in summer is one thing, but in winter? eek! anyways, other than that, it looks like there might be trouble brewing over grover. grover is mirka's. no question. he is like her best friend & baby, so she is not happy when she finds charlie hugging and slobbering all over grover. of course, it's the first thing charlie beelines for when grover is in sight. it's not pretty. it seems grover really is everyone's favourite loveable monster. 

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