Tuesday, June 28, 2011

charlie's 10 month portrait

charlie the conqueror, charlie the destroyer, charlie is on the move! it's portrait time again & in the last month, charlie has gone from pulling and sliding himself around the house to full-on, fast paced crawling. i'm always a bit shocked when he is at my feet again within seconds & so cute when he comes to find me in another room & squeals when he sees me. charlie is so determined. what charlie wants, charlie hunts down & gets. mirka is determined too, but in more of a stubborn, bossy way. where mirka will boss us around to get something for her, charlie will just get it himself. the other big news is that we've finally broken through to 12 hour sleeps at night. yyyyyyyes! well, it's huge news for me. so nice to know that when i put him in his cot at 7pm, he most likely won't wake up (or wake me up) until 7am. we even had a couple of 13 hour sleeps thankyou very much. but, just like that, ba-ba-baam, he got a runny nose last week and woke again in the middle of the night.. argh! no doubt i could bore you for hours about sleeping nuances, but knowing there's light on the horizon is a good thing. our happy little harper has had a few practice days in child care & so far, so good. he is lucky to have his big sister, whom he adores, in the adjoining room. apparently mirka has been playing peek-a-boo with charlie through the doors that join the baby & toddler rooms. so cute!


  1. Hooray for sleeping thru the night! Keep up the good work Charlie!
    He is looking like a complete and utter champion and love the cushion too. (Donna Wilson?)
    So if he's practicing at childcare does this mean you will be doing a little work here and there? or just freeing up some time to paint your nails orange :)
    Either way, hope you're well and yes one of these days we must catch up next time I'm over the west side xx

  2. Oh my gosh he's adorable. I'm choosing to ignore the SLEEPING THROUGH?!?!?!? Wildly jealous. Thanks for your lovely comment. Kellie xx

  3. ow, that is such a brilliant stage when htey start to sleep and you start to feel human again!! congrats darl. and what a bundle of busy he looks, so cool. just so you know, i think i told my 10 year old charlie like a gazillion times this weekend to stp running in the house. so the full on fast pace movement is here to stay i reckon!!

    he's such a gorgeous boy capt'n xx

  4. i can't believe Charlie is 10 months old already. what a grown up, especially now that he sleeping through (yay!). xx

  5. Beautiful. Wish I could do the splitz like that! xo m.


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