Friday, June 17, 2011

flowers & babies

as much as i'd like to think of my blog as a design blog, it seems to be all about flowers & babies lately. don't get me wrong. there are worse things in life than lovin' me some flowers & babies, but you know, posts on life outside planet-flowers-and-babies is a little thin. anyways, here's to a little more.. look at the stunning bouquet my bestie, jacq, sent me for my birthday. i'm one lucky biatch. the heady scent of the hyacinths & lilies is something else. heavenly.


  1. Happy Birthday KK .. hope you had a good one !!

  2. your blog is all three things at once! This bouquet is lovely, as are your kiddyliwinks and design finds. Happy belated birthday Captn. Hope it was a good one. Big hugs xx

  3. Happy belated birthday to you.

    And in my opinion, a blog entirely devoted to beautiful flowers would be a thing of glory. Especially if they were as "designer-ish" as this amazing bouquet from your friend. It is stunning, stunning, stunning. What are the red twigs? Are they Japanese Coral Bark Maple twigs? I have one in my garden and I am in awe of its beauty.

  4. I only just saw this! glad to see the bunch- and I'll see you very soon xx jacq


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