Tuesday, July 26, 2011

charlie's 11 month portrait

little charlie bear. 11 months now. less than a month until the all important first birthday. such a happy, happy, boy. mirka used to make us work for smiles, but our happy little harper flashes them to anyone, everyone, anytime, all the time. when he's not smiling, he is either deep in concentration on how to destroy, squash, smash, pull or eat something he shouldn't, or looking on in awe of his big sister. man, oh man, he adores her. i'm not exactly sure why, considering she sits on him, tells me he is giving her an elephant ride & "no mummy, i'm not hurting him. i'm just squashing him."!! not that he seems to care. he just laughs and thinks everything mirka does is wonderful. in the last month he has learnt to pull himself up to standing & not so easy, to sit himself down again. he can get places so quickly it's ridiculous. he can cruise around wherever there is furniture to hold on to. i won't be surprised if charlie takes his first steps any day now. charlie the adventurer.

update: i forgot to mention that charlie is wearing his new tiny mammoth top that i bought from the recent pop up shop by beci orpin at the harvest workroom.

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