Wednesday, September 28, 2011

charlie's 1st birthday party

some details from charlie boy's special day. we had his naming day ceremony & first birthday celebrations all on the one day & it was an awesome day. we had all of our special friends & family here & man, we felt the love! vivi was here from new orleans, kingsley came from perth, charlie's great grandma; 'the great', great-rosina came from the sunshine coast, the husband's family were all here from mildura & warrnambool, beautiful friends travelled from germany & sydney ..and there were some good melbourne peops too. little charlie is one loved little fella. ok. let's get down to details shall we? i made the same nigella chocolate raspberry 'love cake' for charlie that i did for mirka's first birthday & it was as good as i remembered it. the raspberries smooshed up in the cream in the middle really make it. i sent out the-same-but-different style of invites that i did for mirka's first birthday party & last but not least; to make all things equal, of course i had to use the-same-but-different tissue ball decorations.. or maybe they were just for me because i do love them & yes they're still hanging up. big day.


  1. Such a magical milestone! In many ways I think the first birthday is the best of all - because it is such a celebration of the difference this new person has made to the world.

    Oh and I adore the colours of your tissue balls - I would leave them up too!

  2. happy birthday little Charlie, looks like a great celebration!

  3. Howdy ho Captain! It's been a while. Hope you have been well. I've missed you here. Came back so often to check for a new post - I was getting worried about you! ;) Can you believe Charlie boy is already one year old. C.R.A.Z.Y.! Looks like he (and you) had the most amazing birthday celebration. How nice that so many of your friends and family came over for it. Happy times and magical moments!

  4. I love the links between the two birthdays, very sweet!

    And AMAZING family you have traveling all those miles...lucky little Charlie, and lucky them I suspect, too!



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