Friday, September 30, 2011

giant balloons

more party decorations. i took these photos a little late. they had already half deflated a week or so after charlie's party, but still looked fun tied to the clothesline & dancing in the wind. nothing like a galvanised steel hills-hoist & a lemon tree in the background to tell you this backyard is in oz, right? i have a love/hate relationship with this thing. if i were to design a garden, i wouldn't plonk a giant hills-hoist smack bang in the middle of the lawn, which makes me think i should remove it. but.. but, it just seems to go with the house and feels like i've got no right removing it; you know? quandary.


  1. they are such an iconic piece of ozzie history - and they actually work better than any other kind - I love to see them almost as sculpture in the garden - but then I do have an offbeat way of seeing the world....

  2. We pulled ours out. But only because it was the newer style green one. That old original one is a beauty.

    I guess they took pride of place in the backyard because life was all about the washing, not so much entertaining or overall general aesthetic... x

  3. ..memories of swinging around and around.. And around.. On our grandparents clothesline :)

  4. i love it! it has to stay! and those balloons were amazing xx


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