Wednesday, October 26, 2011

charlie's 14 month portrait

hey charlie, what happened to your 13 month portrait? since charlie's portrait was missing last month, i thought we'd take the eames rocker outside for a special catch up 14 month portrait. who said it always has to be inside? so, i missed the official 13 month portrait. my bad. it seems starting back at work in a new office (3 days a week), naming day celebrations, first birthday & third birthday parties, interstate & international guests, sick babies, late nights, toilet training, saturday morning kinda-gymnastics classes, horse & carriage rides, miniature railway visits & beach picnics have all caught up with me in one big crazy busy mess! don't get me wrong; most of it's wonderful, but it only takes a sick baby boy with an ear infection to wake up in the middle of the night and not feel like going back to sleep, not-even-if-you-try-every-last-trick-in-the-book-mummy-so-why-are-you-bothering-just-look-at-how-happy-and-ridiculously-awake-i-am, to make me feel like i've lost the plot. can you tell? so what's new charlie boy?
still as happy as ever and on that gorgeous cusp between baby and toddler. in my book, a baby isn't a toddler until they're walking.. so in my book, i can still call him my baby boy. charlie can confidently stand and balance on his own without giving it a second thought, but just doesn't seem interested in actually trying out a few steps. he races around if he has something to hold on to and push, or cruise around along furniture, but walking? not yet. mirka tries to help him by holding his hands and walking backwards so she can support him (so sweet!), but inevitably ends up going too fast for charlie and pulling him down on top of her. i think it's quite fitting that charlie looks like a little farmer in these photos with his floppy hat because i think he has single handedly supported our queensland banana growers through the past few tough months after the floods & cyclone. this kid could eat his body weight in bananas. daily. the first time we put a whole peeled banana down in front of him and then turned away for 20 seconds to get a fork out of the drawer to mash it up a bit, only to turn around and find it completely gone, i couldn't believe it. no more mashing or cutting up in to small pieces. put anything in front of charlie and he'll eat it. especially fruit. so different from his big sister who survived on weetbix, bread & yoghurt for the first 2 years of her life. anyways, charlie is doing so well at childcare. no tears or tantrums. jumps out of my arms when we get there, which makes it that much easier to start my work day. big love for my little charlie.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

some like it hot.

are you a tea drinker or more of a coffee fiend? i am very much a tea drinker, while the husband is a coffee lover. i love a good strong tea anytime. seriously, anytime. right before bed; no problem. i have never understood people who claim that would be a problem. come back and talk to me when you owe your sleep bank many, many, glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep; you're simply not tired enough.. or maybe my tea threshold has just been pushed to the upper limit. either way, the bottom poster is the one for me. i have favourited (that's a word isn't it?) almost all of restyle's posters on etsy, so when i saw they were offering 15% off on their design attractor blog, well, i thought i'd share the love. just visit their etsy shop & use promo code ILOVERESTYLE. easy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i have a title page!

i'm feeling so ridiculously pumped up & happy right now! i have a title page y'all! you know, for the book i'm in!! how many exclamation marks can i use? apparently, never enough!! o.k. in all seriousness, this was a total surprise to me & such an amazing thing to find out.. a lovely creative, nicola st john from modpod, has been out there in the world, designing something for/ about/ as an introduction to; me. little old me y'all. as tess said on the cwc blog; here's what nicola had to say about her design:

"The concept for Kate Vernon's page design stemmed from her love of colour, which is so visible on her blog posts, and discovering where Kate finds inspiration in both her work and home life. I wanted to combine structural and architectural elements with a design that was playful, with a touch of the handmade.  
I started out my design with pencil and paper as I find it offers more creative freedom than heading straight to the computer screen. The design was hand-drawn, then photographed and digitally finished."

Monday, October 10, 2011

i'm in a book!

i'm in a book! i don't know how else to say it.. i could be all humble and just let you know about the book.. and then maybe you would notice that i'm part of it, or maybe you wouldn't, but truth is, i'm really excited! the lovely & talented tess mccabe has put together what looks like an awesome book & i'm thrilled to be included. you can pre-order it here

"Conversations with Creative Women is a collection of 14 exclusive interviews with some of Australia’s most talented female creatives, from industries as varied as millinery, textile design, blogging, architecture, retail, writing, weaving and fashion design. 
The women interviewed in this book are at different stages in their careers, with varying responsibilities at home, as an employee, as a self-employed freelancer or as a business owner. They talk about their careers and creative lives with insight and generosity."

Friday, October 7, 2011

i love me some green flowers

and because it's just not a party without a ridiculous amount of flowers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


i love coming home with an arm-load full of flowers, plonking them down on our trusty, indestructible chalkboard table & deciding what to do with them. for mirka's party, i added a few more girly blooms & blossoms to the green flowers & foliage i already had from charlie's party. and yes husband, that is you lurking in the background in the last photo! what is it you're thinking when you see me photographing all this nonsense??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

what's in the cake? mirka's 3rd birthday party

having 2 kiddyliwinks, 2 weeks short of 2 years apart, means august / september will forever be a crazy time for us. now that i've bored enthralled you with every detail of charlie's birthday party, it's time to do it all over for mirka.. ever since seeing that rainbow cake, i knew mirka would love it, but i never imagined the funniest reactions would be from the adults.. "what's inside the cake?" "is that a real cake, or just a block of polystyrene? it looks too perfect." "i can't wait any longer. cut the cake already!"..there were actual squeals of delight when the husband cut the cake & that was just out of the grown-ups. i have to confess that i didn't make it though. of course i didn't make it! pah-lease, don't you see how perfect it was? the amazing ladies at cake art yarraville made it for me without ever having made a 6 layer rainbow cake before! anyways, the most important person on the day loved it & that's all that really matters. happy birthday to our funny little mirka-muppet, gracie-girl. x

Monday, October 3, 2011

told you i love them

told you i love them. honeycomb tissue balls. blues, white & apple green for charlie. pinks, white, red & orange for mirka's first birthday 2 years ago. colour.

update: i ordered these from the u.s. & had vivi bring them over to oz with her. when i first fell in love with them 2 years ago for mirka's first birthday, no-one, and i mean no-one had any in oz, but just recently i've started noticing a few stockists in australia. i used a mix of 30cm (12"), 36cm (14") & 48cm (19") balls. i saw on a recent post that fine and sunny may have some & i see that lark has a pretty good selection of most colours and sizes. it's definitely worthwhile getting the bigger 19" ones if you do order some because they are really spectacular. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

naming day

i thought i'd share the words the husband said for our little charlie's naming day; mainly so it's here, recorded, so that if i ever do get around to making this here little ol' blog in to a book, for just us, then here it is..

"charlie harper. we wanted our little boy to have an artist namesake, like our mirka has the wonderful mirka mora. we've always loved charley harper's art & we loved both names. in fact, it was a toss up between charlie harper or harper charlie, but we decided two namesakes were better than one, so charlie harper it was, after 'big charlie' (the husband's best friend since forever). we always referred to charlie as 'happy' when he was still in kk's tummy and he has really lived up to his nickname. such a happy, happy little boy."


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