Wednesday, October 26, 2011

charlie's 14 month portrait

hey charlie, what happened to your 13 month portrait? since charlie's portrait was missing last month, i thought we'd take the eames rocker outside for a special catch up 14 month portrait. who said it always has to be inside? so, i missed the official 13 month portrait. my bad. it seems starting back at work in a new office (3 days a week), naming day celebrations, first birthday & third birthday parties, interstate & international guests, sick babies, late nights, toilet training, saturday morning kinda-gymnastics classes, horse & carriage rides, miniature railway visits & beach picnics have all caught up with me in one big crazy busy mess! don't get me wrong; most of it's wonderful, but it only takes a sick baby boy with an ear infection to wake up in the middle of the night and not feel like going back to sleep, not-even-if-you-try-every-last-trick-in-the-book-mummy-so-why-are-you-bothering-just-look-at-how-happy-and-ridiculously-awake-i-am, to make me feel like i've lost the plot. can you tell? so what's new charlie boy?
still as happy as ever and on that gorgeous cusp between baby and toddler. in my book, a baby isn't a toddler until they're walking.. so in my book, i can still call him my baby boy. charlie can confidently stand and balance on his own without giving it a second thought, but just doesn't seem interested in actually trying out a few steps. he races around if he has something to hold on to and push, or cruise around along furniture, but walking? not yet. mirka tries to help him by holding his hands and walking backwards so she can support him (so sweet!), but inevitably ends up going too fast for charlie and pulling him down on top of her. i think it's quite fitting that charlie looks like a little farmer in these photos with his floppy hat because i think he has single handedly supported our queensland banana growers through the past few tough months after the floods & cyclone. this kid could eat his body weight in bananas. daily. the first time we put a whole peeled banana down in front of him and then turned away for 20 seconds to get a fork out of the drawer to mash it up a bit, only to turn around and find it completely gone, i couldn't believe it. no more mashing or cutting up in to small pieces. put anything in front of charlie and he'll eat it. especially fruit. so different from his big sister who survived on weetbix, bread & yoghurt for the first 2 years of her life. anyways, charlie is doing so well at childcare. no tears or tantrums. jumps out of my arms when we get there, which makes it that much easier to start my work day. big love for my little charlie.


  1. cutie charlie.. and where are those flower spikes growing out of? the massive grass plants?

  2. bonnie young charlie. wow darl, you've got your hands full! starting in a new office is always full on, but that on top of the rest of it. you must be exhausted!! my charlie had ear infections too, and the last- resort-works-every-time-elixer-of-sleep is "pain stop". works a treat. if you havent tried it, get yourself down to a chemist right now treasure.

    oh and not sure if i replied to your comment about not replying to my email (in my mind i have replied to all the new house well-wishers, but i so havent in real life...never mind darl, we're on the same planet you and i. i know how it gets)

    hope the weekend is calm and peaceful xx

  3. Cute Charlie - And love the chair too


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