Monday, October 3, 2011

told you i love them

told you i love them. honeycomb tissue balls. blues, white & apple green for charlie. pinks, white, red & orange for mirka's first birthday 2 years ago. colour.

update: i ordered these from the u.s. & had vivi bring them over to oz with her. when i first fell in love with them 2 years ago for mirka's first birthday, no-one, and i mean no-one had any in oz, but just recently i've started noticing a few stockists in australia. i used a mix of 30cm (12"), 36cm (14") & 48cm (19") balls. i saw on a recent post that fine and sunny may have some & i see that lark has a pretty good selection of most colours and sizes. it's definitely worthwhile getting the bigger 19" ones if you do order some because they are really spectacular. 


  1. These decors are cool. Are they Japanese inspired?

  2. whoa! i didn't realise that i love honeycomb tissue balls too until i saw these photos!! i'm online now looking to order some. do you mind telling me what sizes you've used? they way you've put them together is beautiful.

  3. They're so beautiful! Also adore the color combination: lovely blues, white & dark green.

    Camila Faria


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