Saturday, December 31, 2011

charlie's 16month portrait

charlie harper. that's what our little charlie hears over & over. "charlie harper" in a sing-song, happy voice when he does something ridiculously cute/ funny/ silly/ charming. "charrr-lieee-harrr-perrr" in a low, slow, you're-in-so-much-trouble voice when he sprints for the open front door and is out on the verandah, down the 2 big steps & past the front fence by the time i've caught him. seriously, this kid is fast! in the last couple of months, charlie finally started to walk, which quickly turned to running. maybe it's because his big sister chases him & then sits on him. i don't know. his favourite toy is mirka's old grover teddy & the first time charlie made a possessed like sound 'talking' to grover was hilarious. we always pick up grover and put on a grover-esque voice to say "hello charlie", so when charlie imitated us, it was pretty funny stuff as goes in this mad house. apart from sounding like grover possessed, charlie says "mumm-mumm, dad-da, memme (mirka), babbit (rabbit), grow-woo (grover), elllllow (hello) & lots more baby babble sounds that i have no idea about.. and don't forget the all purpose, whiny "ehhhh" when he wants something out of reach. he loves playing peek-a-boo & thinking he can scare the bejesus out of us. our stella acting pays off in the best, raucous laugh out of charlie. we can't believe how lucky we are with him being a champion little sleeper. we just put him to bed and say "lie down charlie" and miraculously he does.. and actually goes to sleep. just a little different from his big sister, who still tries to negotiate an endless bedtime story, song, pat, head rub, foot rub(!) etc. charlie is still a champion little eater too.. also the total opposite of his big sister. thank god banana prices have finally fallen. if i put the same amount of 'banana money' that i was spending each week away for a year, i'll have enough for a family trip to thailand. he must have been sick of me just handing him a whole peeled banana because the other day he brought me a banana, together with his mini fruit masher! so yeah, sometimes i now mash it for him. so there you have it. 16 month, charlie report, logged.

p.s.  thanks to lulu for the great 'e is for eames' t-shirt, who lent it to me, ahem, only, *cough*, about 18 months ago when i was still doing mirka's monthly portraits on the eames rocker. sorry lulu! must. return. asap.

p.p.s.  the blocks were actually from his uncle hamo, not santa & i couldn't for the life of me find the E, so 'charli 16m' it was.


  1. Too cute, love the Eames t-shirt...I want a grown up version :) I have just read Conversations with Creative Women...great inspiration for 2012!

  2. the block set is SO FUNKY! Any chance you know what brand they are or where to purchase from?? I would love to get this for a 1st bday present :) Thanks Kate, Bree

  3. thanks jane :) & bree.. i think it was called 'xyz the alternative to abc' blocks & i think our friend said he bought them from 'villiage idiom' in yarraville.. hope that helps :)


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