Saturday, December 10, 2011

hello sparrow

next up in my perth series is mr. sparrow, a teeny-tiny sized shop in subiaco, jam packed with gorgeousness. is that a word? that doesn't matter. what matters is the photo evidence. you can find all the products on their online shop here. i bought some lovely xmas presents while i was in there, but i'm wondering if i made a mistake not buying a once a year book (in last photo) for mirka & charlie both. they're kind of expensive, but what a beautiful book to give them on their 18th birthdays. blue horse for charlie & green bird for mirka.


  1. Ooh, I love those triangle mugs!

  2. I wish I went there when I was in Perth, I hope you go to visit Remedy, William Topp and Future Shelter. If not, put them on the list for next time!

  3. The prices seem to be GREAT!!! Will keep this store in mind if I EVER get the chance to travel over there!


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