Thursday, December 8, 2011

hello tiger

ok. in an effort to catch up on what i've been up to & to rectify only two (eek!) blog posts in november, i'm going to post all sorts of things and in no particular order. so first up, we have 'tiger-tiger' cafe in perth, where kingsley & i stopped after a spot of saturday morning window shopping. now, i really liked the new orleans style brick courtyard space and i liked the menu design & what was on the actual menu.. and who wouldn't love that great big green tiger-tiger graphic on the wall. but, and there is a but, i didn't like that everything we asked for they didn't have and i don't mean any fancy stuff.. just a good ol' avocado & a little something-something sandwich. they had even run out of avocado; outrageous i know. anyways, kingsley & i still enjoyed ourselves despite the grumpy waitress and had a bit of a laff about zsa-zsa gabor next to us getting the last gawd.damn.avocado.sandwich!

1 comment:

  1. Hmph.
    Most things on the menu appear to have avocado.

    But, like you there is a but, I am very much in love with that green. And that font. Moreso the green though.

    Must be all that avacado talk (-:


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