Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry christmas

merry christmas all y'all! here's a quick collage of my favourite decorations on our tree. i normally add one or two new ones to our quirky collection each year. so, here's how i roll: 
1. real tree. it was fun to take the kiddyliwinks out to a tree farm & let them pick out one. it's huge!
2. plain lights. these go on first and i use however many i need to cover the whole tree. nothing flashing. nothing coloured. look, i'm not saying that i think flashing coloured lights are horrible, or won't do it for you, but they just don't do it for me. 
3. lots of single decorations. i never try and thread decorations directly on the branches and use twisted paperclips that hook over the branches instead, if you know what i mean. 
4. tree over angel. this one seems to divide people, but personally, i don't like the angel or star or whatever your tree-topper is to actually sit on the highest branch above all else. i simply hang my little angel just below the top. to me it's a bit like building a house on top of an exposed hill. i wouldn't do it. i think it's arrogant. you can get just as great a view by building down just a little lower so the roof doesn't stick up above the ridgeline & stick out like, well, dogs!
5. chose a colour theme and go for it. because i was too lazy to take down the paper decorations from charlie's first birthday celebrations and because i'm a little too attached to them, i'm going with the same blue & green theme for xmas. for the tree. for present wrapping. for table settings etc. if it's not white, blue or green it's gonski until next year. with the tiny exception of my favourite little red stacking santas. how could i leave their happy, squinty faces in the xmas tub out in the shed??


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