Tuesday, December 6, 2011

book launch

so, i'm in a book. the self-doubter in me says i'm the weakest link & how the bejesus did i end up in such good company, but the pumped up narcissist in me says yay for me! anyways, i've had a quite a few back-to-back, crazy-busy weeks; and at right in the middle was the book launch. what's a girl to do with no time to get her hair cut or buy something new to wear? get my nails done super quickly in the salon across the road from my office (convenient yes, but private no. my boss and colleague were having a good laugh at me sitting in the window & waving to me while doing so!). anyway, i couldn't just go to the book launch same-old-same-old, so new blue nails & a new emily green necklace from sedonia on my way home did the trick. i know everyone in melbourne town has one and i did already have one, but they are so damn happy, bright & addictive, so another one just screamed at me to take it home & quickly. kids picked up, fed, bathed, into pjs & ready for babysitter all in record time so i could hightail it across town to the book launch at harvest workroom. i was kind of self conscious considering there was a big photo of me up on the wall, so it was nice to spot some familiar & friendly faces, relax & have a chat. 


  1. ooo def LOVING that nail color


  2. Congratulations! I'm sure you had a wonderful time, great choice of colour for your nails! Forget the self-doubter, you very much deserve to be a part of this wonderful publication. I've really enjoyed reading it. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas with some much deserved down time to enjoy family & friends & relax xxx

  3. Well done, this book looks great...in fact I promptly ordered myself a copy, always looking for a bit of creative inspiration :)


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