Saturday, December 24, 2011

xmas rainbow

1. merry xmas. again. i felt like doing another merry christmas post.
2. presents all wrapped. feels good to be organised this year.
3. vintage fan (one of a pair) i bought & cleaned up last week from a fun, new, local gallery/ 2nd hand shop in preparation for our typical melbourne january heat wave. they work a treat & it's amazing what a little steel wool scrubbing on the safety cage will do to restore it to it's former glory. hanging next to the fan is a magnetic cable card/photo holder that i bought at aero design last month. probably the best xmas card display solution i've had. pretty good for twelve bucks methinks. you can get them in quite a few colours. mine is in aqua. naturally.

what are you doing tonight? baking? wrapping presents? cleaning? (blergh!) watching movies? seeing family & friends? we're off to some carols in a tiny local park. then i'll be finishing baking everything tonight, so we don't need to have the oven on or cook anything tomorrow. we'll just assemble what we have to & sit down for a relaxed summery lunch. plus i'm off to the airport to pick up kingsley late tonight. yay! kingsley will be in town for a week and spending xmas with us. happy.

wishing you a very happy & relaxed christmas. thank you for stopping by, this here, little ol' blog of mine & taking time to say hello. merry christmas! x captn.

1 comment:

  1. merry christmas! i can't wait to arrive everything looks so amazing xo


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