Sunday, October 7, 2012

pom poms & rainbows

we hung these small pom pom garlands out the front to welcome mirka's birthday guests for her recent party & although that was exactly a month ago today, you guessed it, they are still up. much like all the other decorations over the past few years, i find it hard to take them down too quickly*. these ones have gotta come down soon, in time for whatever we end up doing for halloween in a few weeks, but in the meantime, i'm enjoying them blowing around like crazy out on the front verandah, even if they are looking a little beaten up from the spring rain we've had. mirka is into rainbows as much as ever, hence the rainbow layered birthday cake again this year and i'll have to do something different for next year's birthday, but tell me, how fantastic is the rainbow poster? it was a gift from her honorary uncle hamo & is hanging up, pride of place, on her bedroom wall. pom poms & rainbows. what's not to love about turning four.

*all i'm sayin' is that our tree out the front, may, or may not, have the fairy lights still strung up in it from last xmas. maybe we're just early y'all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

4 cheers for our mirka

happy, happy, happy, happy, fourth birthday mirka grace. we love you to the moon and back. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

charlie's 2nd birthday


charlie, lucky pants, harper. that's our boy. it has been crazy busy around here lately, not least because charlie & mirka have birthdays only 2 weeks apart. some may say it was genius on our behalf to have 2 kids, 2 weeks short of 2 years apart and some may say it was madness. to be honest, i'm not exactly sure where i stand on that one, but i do know our kiddyliwinks love a birthday cake. our present to charlie was a train set and while he did say "wow!" and throw his arms up in joy when he unwrapped it, that was nothing compared to his excitement over the mini mini on his birthday cake. like i've said before, charlie loves his daddy's mini cooper, (me, not so much. i mean who buys a mini cooper when you have 2 kids??). the mini mini cake topper instantly catapulted to world's best present in charlie's mind as soon as he saw it. the husband and i were pretty happy with ourselves after we managed to pull together charlie's birthday cake the night before. late, very late, the night before. not bad hey? nothing a store bought sponge cake, sandwiched with raspberry jam & cream and covered in coloured coconut and a couple of strips of licorice can't achieve. so there you have it. charlie's 2nd birthday cake made by mummy & daddy. 

p.s. these photos were taken before i learnt how to use my camera properly. there will be quite a few more pre tim coulson workshop photos to come, since i've quite a lot to catch up on. quite a lot.

Monday, September 17, 2012

my sister kingsley

my sister kingsley is pretty awesome. just sayin. she laughs at all my jokes & lets me believe i'm stylish, even though hipster fashion that ventures past wearing leggings escapes me. she even puts up with me having a camera in her face for the better part of our girls day out on saturday. we coffee-d, we window shopped, we perused galleries & discussed the merits of purchasing a gorgeous blue & green cushion from spacecraft against whether or not it would clash with a certain fluoro yellow 'jake' chair i've got my eye on from koskela. finally, we stopped in a brand new, new-york-style diner with a madmen vibe, that's just opened on gertrude street, where bam! i had my camera in her face every time kingsley took a sip of her asahi beer, (yeah she's a hipster. they're marc jacobs sunglasses she's wearing y'all). too dark. too bright. gotta adjust the shutter speed. no, still not right. time to up the iso. change white balance from cloudy back to auto for indoors. anyway i'm slowly getting my head around taking manual photos. these ones are totally untouched. i love the first one, but it's a little dark. the bottom left is my favourite, but i also love the pop of blue against the bright orange diner sign in the background of the others. what y'all think?

p.s. i've just decided to start posting bigger photos, but i'm wondering if they're a little too big. does it look & load OK on your screen?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

dial M for manual

in the spirit of improving my photo skills, i took myself off to a one day workshop yesterday with the talented tim coulson. i think i first saw tim's work on ms. beetleshack's blog here & then saw his work pop up again on the lovely one claire day blog here. when i saw he was having some workshops in melbs i thought why not? why not take my awkwardly social self off to a day with total strangers & learn how to break my habit of only using the auto setting. well, let me just say, habit broken. i've been annoying the shizen out of my trusty sidekick kingsley all day today. we spent the day checking out the shops in fitzroy & i made poor old kingsley stop every 50m so i could try out my new found skills on her. it's amazing what knowing all the little buttons on my camera actually do. yeah, i know that makes me sound like an idiot, but i'm embarrassed to tell you that i thought manual mode was when i switched from auto focus to manual focus on the lens. on the lens people! what a fool. anyway now that i'm a total pro, i can totes turn the dial around to m and know how (and why!) to adjust the iso & shutter speed. not the aperture you ask? no sista, no aperture adjustment for us nursery graduates. (i hope that's right! at least that's what i took away with me.). the husband wonders if mr. coulson is actually just an exceptional sales rep for canon, but his advice to pick up a cheap EF50mm f/1.8 lens was priceless. and who am i to argue with mr.coulson or ms. anna-beth. chao who i remember espousing the virtues of the 50mm lens ages ago on her fabuous blog here. so, above is my untouched photo from the workshop. tim's little sister was our model for the day & i was pretty happy that i could take a decent photo of her & her fabulous hot pink beanie, with gorgeous blurred out background on manual setting. thanks mr.coulson. it may not be the most awesome photo in the world, but remember it's untouched & it's my first manual portrait. hooray to discovering a whole new world!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

charlie's 24 month portrait on the eames rocker

here it is. the 24 month portrait. the last official monthly portrait of our charlie. so this is the end of my baby-mama years. is it? i'm 99.9% sure it is. the monthly portraits have been the only thing keeping this here blog limping along, but here's to getting back to business.

so what's new charlie boy? you are pretty funny, let me tell you. you even say "i'm funny!" .. i guess it's because you make me giggle & i tell you you're funny, but you know, you are. you can also be quite the determined, independent, cranky little shit when you want. like when you want to climb up or down steps on your own and someone innocently tries to help you. no. no thank-you. you crack it, wriggle out of said innocent helper's arms & climb back down or up to start over. on your own. other than your out-of-character tantrums, (let's-just-put-it-down-to-the-terrible-twos), you are one seriously happy, snuggly, clever little boy. you love going to the zoo, but can't decide between elephants, giraffes or meerkats as your favourite. you love music & your daddy's mini cooper like you love your mama. and you loves me a lot. when i took you for your 2 year old check up, the maternal health nurse was blown away by your beaming happiness & all your words. i think you're quite the little extrovert, just like your daddy. you are 88cm tall, which going by the old rule of thumb where you double a kid's height at 2, then add a couple of centimetres, means you will end up as 178cm tall. that's 5'10" for you non metric folks. (hi vivi!).  anyway, we loves you charlie bear. x

update: in the month since he turned 2, the husband & i have noticed a considerable growth spurt in charlie, so i just measured him. as it happens, he has grown another 2cms since i measured him & is now 90cm tall. going by that, charlie will be a bit over 1.8m tall when he is an adult, (that's about 6' for you vivi).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

charlie's 23 month portrait on the eames rocker

wow. 23 months. second last portrait 'til he turns 2 & i finish up with the monthly updates. so here is our mr. charlie; decider of all things cool. "cool sthoes (shoes)".. "cool panths (pants)"etc. and yes, his little gonzo shoes are pretty cool, but if you ask me, the coolest thing is charlie's soft, husky voice that has the cutest little lisp when he says "s". we took the kids to see the latest muppet movie a few times when it first came out and charlie being a big grover fan, took an instant liking to gonzo. i think because he is also blue with a big nose & goggly eyes, just like lovable old grover. anyway, we brought gonzo & the little adidas gonzo-the-great shoes back with us from our recent trip to new orleans & they have been top of charlie's cool list ever since. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

all you need is love

all you need is love. i remember when i was pregnant for the first time with our gracie girl four years ago & realising how true that is & how reassuring i found that at the time. we were living in a one bedroom apartment in st.kilda & i was freaking out about how it was all going to work, but it did & it always does. it was a super lovely apartment, but it was upstairs, on a noisy street & had no laundry. anyway, that's what i always think of when i see these words & then i sing the beatles' song in my head.. all you need is love, love, love. love is all you need. happy times. thanks for my new tea towel jacq. i got quite the birthday haul this year. the PH5, new earrings, awesome tea towel & i'm typing this in my new spotty gorman socks. lucky pants me.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

what's in the box?

that's right, you better believe it's real. yeah it's real. i'm not into the whole copy-cat, replica, faux, fake,  furniture industry that knows no boundaries. anyway, this rare beauty is my spectacular birthday present from the husband. for those of you thinking; oh man, why doesn't my hurs-ban give me an original PH5 pendant from angelucci? stop. no husband is that good. i organised it. the husband paid for it & is painting our living area in preparation for it. what? you wouldn't repaint a huge, pain-in-the-ass,  open plan area from 'dulux white swan' to 'dulux vivid white'? the PH5 demands the perfect white, not some lame ass creamy white.  if you really, really want your own PH5, i can't promise anyone will help you paint your room the perfect white, but i'm pretty sure you could contact angelucci & ask them to find you one. no doubt it will take several months, but i'm sure they'll find you one too. modern day treasure hunters. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

charlie's 22 month portrait on the eames rocker

22 months & so big already. at least charlie thinks so. in his mind, there's nothing he can't do. nothing. in fact his favourite game at the moment is "sthoo-per dhar-lie!" ..(super charlie) as in "super grover!" ..he lets himself fall straight forward from standing, assuming i'll catch him and of course i do, but just make it worse because once i've done it once, it's the best game in the world. just a little bit disconcerting, especially when it involves heights. but i've gotta say, he is a tough little cookie. falls, scrapes & head-butts into furniture are simply met with a grumpy face and a quick "ouch!" anyway, getting charlie to sit on the rocker was not happening, so i had to get out the old blue alarm clock again. hey, it works. props to props.

p.s. if you like his little drum windcheater, it's from hamb who have their own retail shop in footscray across the road from the happy river cafe if you're local.

Monday, June 11, 2012

birthday time

it was my birthday yesterday, so to celebrate i lazed about in bed for an hour, (best use of time ever - don't be too jealous), before making our way over to st.kilda for lunch at restaurant mirka. every single time i go there i am knocked out by how stunning the dining room is & how good the food is. i told the husband that my lunch was so good, i felt sorry for him for not having what i had & he said the same thing back to me. the food is really that good that everyone feels like they've ordered the best dish on the menu. anyway it was nice to be back in the hood, dining in one of melbourne's most beautiful rooms, across the road from our old apartment where so many good things happened. we might not live across the street any more, but we're back with an entourage of two lovable* little monsters. my birthday present from the husband this year is kind of spectacular, so i'll post that next. let me just say it has required painting our entire back living area, which may or may not take til xmas to finish.

*mostly. charlie wasn't looking so lovable when we first sat down, but the fast thinking husband hailed a waiter to put some bread down in front of monster number 2 & all was good after that.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

charlie's 21 month portrait

charlie, charlie, charlie. funny little boy. i wasn't sure how to encourage charlie to stay on the eames rocker for longer than 10 seconds, but it was a stroke of genius* that made me think of this old blue alarm clock. i wound up the alarm & set it to go off, not sure whether it would make him laugh or cry honestly, but being the little bulldozer he is, he loved it. really loved it! the last photo gives you an idea of what he thinks of me and the camera in his face. again with the camera mummy? really? just as well he's a little mummy's boy & thinks i'm ace regardless.

*yeah it happens every now and then. don't be a doubter :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

yarraville festival

while i'm playing catch up, i thought i'd post these photos from the yarraville festival. you can tell it was a few months ago by the sunshine. i gotta say i was loving the pop-up park out the front of the sun theatre, then just like that, it was gone. anyway, the festival.. i met the husband & mirka there with charlie. charlie saw his daddy & mirka saw her mummy. big hugs all round. nothing like a little person's reaction to make you feel like a rock star! mirka spotted the merry-go-round swing thing & really, really wanted a go.. let's just say the first time around was all smiles, but by revolution number 20, i recognised that rigid body language and dropped facial expression; well i knew the feeling. poor little girl was stuck on there until it stopped and she knew it, but our little trooper was very brave! we got to climb up & have a seat in a real fire truck afterwards, so all was shortly forgotten and our day was back on track. think i may have enjoyed clambering up into the fire truck just a little more than mirka.. or was that just because the firemen were flirting with all the mamas? hello ladies!

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