Thursday, January 19, 2012

put the love in the coconut

what does that even mean? the stylish ms. montmartre asked me this after my bragging about my new castle/ gorman tea towel acquisition on facebook recently & she's right.. what the hell does it mean? i have no idea other than it being a cute play on kermit's 'put the lime in the coconut'  lyrics, but i don't really care because one; i'm in to it for the colours, two; i'm shallow like that & three; my favourite is the rainbow one anyway. turns out mirka likes it too & i had to pry her little mitts off it to take these photos. good taste that one. fluoro.


  1. I bought these for the rainbow tea towel! Having said that, the other two have definitely grown on me. I'm taping one to the wall with some of my vintage tea towels.

  2. Oh how I love them and so wishing they were mine.
    They look fab!

  3. that's so hilarious, capt! as your caption came up in my reader, i immediately thought 'oh god, is she finally going to let me know what that damn thing means?'!!! but no! you still don't know, you leave me to scratch my head again. but agreed. they are adorable. put the nut in the coco-love, i say! xxx

  4. they are perfection. i want them. they are from a fruity brain- sensical phrases are overrated. fact.

    xo em

  5. Love this collab! Meanings be damned!
    And I know Christmas was so last year, but lovely to read (and see...gorgeous pics!) that yours was a good one xx

  6. i love the rainbow one too, i wouldn't dare use it either.

  7. Aren't the colours on thee the best? Would look great in frames.

  8. OHHH!! You got the tea towels! Super jealous. I got the beach towel and people asked me the same thing!! But LOVE the colours.
    Newest follower :)
    Angie x

    1. I think it might be a variation of " she put the lime in the coconut", as in "called the doctor, woke him up" of the song of pulp fiction fame.....mayb


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