Monday, March 19, 2012

charlie's 18 month portrait.

18 months. eames rocker. my 'baby charlie' is fast becoming 'big boy charlie'. lots more teeth. lots more words. his first word to me every morning lately is "narna" as in "get out of bed & get me a banana. please, please, please mummy.. good morning and all that". no longer can i just pick him up & bring him back to bed for an extra half hour snuggle & snooze. my snuggly, cuddly little charlie bear is now mr know-what-he-wants & who, how & where to get it from. if he feels like some sultanas he simply stomps over to the pantry, points his finger up high & says "ta", which i'm pretty sure is charlie code for "get me some sultanas now slave!" i shouldn't complain considering he is such a good little eater & not the fussy pants his big sister was, (still is). speaking of his big sister, no-one else comes close to her rock-star status in charlie's eyes. whatever mirka does, likes or wants; charlie does, likes & wants.. which is pretty awesome actually. we're lucky they are such good friends, but it does cause the occasional problem when charlie doesn't want to relinquish the toy of the moment or finish his turn. and why would he if his rock-star sister has just declared it the best thing ever. apart from mirka & grover* being charlie's favourites, his daddy's new-to-us 1964 mini cooper gets charlie unbelievably excited. "car, car, car!!" if he said it any more enthusiastically he would literally explode. mama's family subaru just aint gonna cut it anymore. if i say "let's go out to the car charlie" he runs out as fast as he can and looks straight past my car to try and see the mini. the husband opens the door for the kids to get in & because it's so low, charlie can walk straight in and clamber up into his child seat faster than you can say "mini". if only he could do up his own buckle. even mirka is on to charlie's obsession with the mini & uses it as a distraction if she wants to get rid of him or get the toy he has. a simple; "mini charlie!" and he's off & out of her hair!

*yes, grover, that loveable old furry blue monster is very important in our house.. we even celebrated his birthday last weekend.

p.s. how great is the 'hello' minti t-shirt? i bought this one from little pinwheel. charlie is also modelling mirka's hat that he has taken ownership of is obsessed with. once upon a time it was a fedora that we bought for their uncle's 30th hipster party, but now is so misshapen by charlie pulling it firmly down by the rim like a floppy farmer's hat that, well, let's just say it has character.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


who isn't doing a pop-up something right? but i'm feeling surprisingly* joyful tonight after chatting to kingsley on the phone & thought i might just pop-up myself here on this little ol' neglected space of mine & share this happy photo. we took the kiddyliwinks down to the yarraville festival last month to check out the new pop-up park in front of the sun theatre.. you know,  that old place where they show movies; just that stunningly-bold-art-deco-architectural-celebrity-of-a-building-around-these-parts. anyway, i was busy being that idiot with the camera when i noticed a lone yellow balloon floating off into the wide blue sky above & how great it looked against the big old sun sign. you can read more about the pop-up park here.

*i feel like i've been grumpy for about 2 months straight now.. but more on that later, maybe. it's not that i'm hiding anything, but i like to keep this space positive & i'm not sure i want to delve into an explanation of my cranky pants being most definitely on & feeling too tight. 

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